The Cubs Might Have a Historically Productive Infield and Other Bullets

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The Cubs Might Have a Historically Productive Infield and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

ben zobrist cubsThat was a really fun night, even if it was just shy of being a *REALLY* fun night. I often hear that Kyle Hendricks doesn’t have “no-hit stuff,” but if a guy who limits hard contact better than anyone in baseball and has the 13th best strikeout rate among starting pitchers in the NL doesn’t have “no-hit stuff,” then I clearly don’t know what “no-hit stuff” is. And whatever it is, Hendricks doesn’t need it.

… but, like, shut up about it. Of course Hendricks has no-hit stuff. Watch him embarrass a few guys with his changeup already.

We’ll have much more on Kyle Hendricks’ near-no-hitter and brilliant season later today. For now, other Bullets …

  • Matt Snyder found a very fun statistical nugget: now that Addison Russell has 20 homers, the Cubs have a chance to have three infielders with 20 homers and 100 RBI in a season. Know how many times that’s happened in the National League before? NEVER. It’s going to be tough to get there, with a clincher coming soon and the rest that will accompany it, but all of Russell, Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant have the requisite homers, and are within striking distance of 100 RBI. Rizzo is at 98, Bryant is at 94, and Russell is at 90.
  • Speaking of fun statistical nuggets involving power and the Cubs’ infield, with last night’s Ben Zobrist homer, there’s this:

  • If you missed last night’s big news amid the no-hitter buzz, the Twins have sought, and been granted, permission to interview Jason McLeod.
  • Jon Lester had his next start switched around so that he’ll pitch on regular rest in the series finale in St. Louis, which he prefers this time of year instead of getting extra rest (Tribune).
  • Tom Tango’s annual fan scouting report collection is underway, and this is your opportunity to share your insights into the defense that you’ve seen from Cubs players this year (don’t be a homer, be honest):

  • One other Hendricks thing, I guess, before we save the rest for later (because wow):

  • By the way: no baby yet. The Wife still feels good, but the baby is still chillin’. The Little Girl is home again with me today after a morning yak, so hopefully she gets it all out of her system just in time.

Author: Brett Taylor

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