Spring Training Miscellany: Fun at Leadoff, Pitchers Get Throwing, Art Arrives

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Spring Training Miscellany: Fun at Leadoff, Pitchers Get Throwing, Art Arrives

Chicago Cubs

Today was the first official workout day for pitchers and catchers at Spring Training, and the Cubs got after it, with an array of side sessions and fielding drills. You will never be more excited for practice in your life.

It’s also a time for fun questions and responses like this:

All joking aside, there is no perfect and obvious leadoff option for the Cubs this year, and the guy who might make the most sense on paper – Kyle Schwarber – is probably not a guy you want to put in that position again this year right off the bat. If Albert Almora starts against all lefties, as he should, I’d be fine with him leading off in those games. And hey, if you put Anthony Rizzo up there against righties because whatever, I’d say that’s just fine, too. It’s not like I’m arguing for those things to happen … it’s more just a reflection of the reality that there’s no obvious fit, and I’d rather not give the most plate appearances to one of the Cubs’ non-top-hitters just so that the top guys can be “in the middle.”

Heck, if it’s all equal anyway, might as well get some guys up there who’ll have fun with it …

  • As for the work from the field, how about some pictures and video from Twitter:

  • More details coming soon on the messages and the idea behind it, but Joe Maddon’s annual “theming” of the Cubs will be embodied in part this year in six works of art he commissioned, the first two of which were unveiled today:

Author: Brett Taylor

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