Pirates Show Their Booty: Slide Into Javy Baez at Second Base Clears the Benches (VIDEO)

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Pirates Show Their Booty: Slide Into Javy Baez at Second Base Clears the Benches (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs

Of course. Even after throwing at Willson Contreras – twice – yesterday, the Pirates weren’t done expressing their displeasure with Anthony Rizzo’s slide from the opener in this series.

As the Cubs tried to turn two in the third inning tonight, pitcher Joe Musgrove bore down at second base, over the bag, and into Javy Baez. It sure looked like a little more than your typical slide into second base (even one designed to prevent a double play), and Baez was displeased. The benches cleared:

To be sure, I don’t think that slide was *that* bad, but going over the base into a defender who is using the base to protect himself is exactly the kind of takeout slide MLB is trying to remove from the game.

So, after all the shenanigans in this series, surely the crew would get this one right and call a double play, right? Nope:

I’ll look into this more tomorrow if we’re not just tired of this crap, but that’s never been how the rule was explained. An illegal slide was interference regardless of whether the defender “attempted to turn a double play.” That’s a really derpy requirement when the whole point of the rule is to PROTECT DEFENDERS. Imagine a rule that requires you to get yourself jacked up just to get interference called. I look forward to MLB sending the Cubs word that they screwed this one up, too.

And, as you might expect:

Author: Brett Taylor

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