Totally Believable Baez, Willy on Q, Tired Brewers, Fading Cardinals, Rated Cubs, and Other Bullets

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Totally Believable Baez, Willy on Q, Tired Brewers, Fading Cardinals, Rated Cubs, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I found a spray bottle of some kinda lavender oil or something in our room, and thought, “Huh, The Wife must have left this out to spray a bit and give the room a nice fresh scent. I should spray a few puffs.” I don’t know what the hell this stuff is, but more than a half spray was too much, and now I’m choking. But everywhere else in the house has kids running around, so my options are to try to work in that, or to work in this well-intentioned cloud of death.

  • That was a good game to stay up very late for. The reality of that type of game is that I’ve got the narrative of the Enhanced Box Score largely written or at least scripted by the time the final out is recorded, and I know what I’m gonna do with the box, itself. Down to the final strike, with Anthony Rizzo playing hero and then Javy Baez playing El Mago, I had to delete every single word I’d written and completely change the planned image. It’s really rare that I get to THAT level of completeness and then have to completely start over from scratch – and sometimes when it happens, it’s because the Cubs blew a save – but I was all too happy to do it last night.
  • This is not only endearing, but also a reminder of age and cultural differences:

  • Also: the Beatles should be fighting for which of them gets to be Javy, not the other way around.
  • I was very impressed by how well represented the W was in San Diego last night as the camera panned the crowd:

They even #FlyTheW in San Diego when the #Cubs win! #EverybodyIn

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  • From one star of the game, about another star of the game (ESPN): “At this point it really is not even surprising to us. It’s crazy to say that but it’s fun,” Rizzo said. “[Baez’s] baseball instincts are taking over the whole game and people are noticing it more than ever. It’s fun because that’s who he is and he’ll continue to get better.”
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  • Willson Contreras had some thoughts on how folks describe Jose Quintana:

  • Hit the dingers, boys:

  • Because of the way ratings are calculated, it’s always going to be tough for the Cubs to be way up there in locals compared to smaller markets and/or big-ish markets that don’t have two teams. So this is really good, I think:

  • The Brewers, who are in a long stretch of games without an off-day before the break AND have a double-header today, are losers of three in a row and five of seven. They may be worn down, but the manager ain’t saying it:

  • Eric Thames is hitting the disabled list with a hamstring issue, though with the All-Star break, it’s a good time to do that if it’s a minor-ish injury.
  • Meanwhile, things are a little angsty in St. Louis, as they should be:

  • At 47-45, the Cardinals are 6.5 games back in the Central, but trailing two teams. They’re 4.0 games back in the Wild Card race, but trailing four teams for that second spot. Their odds of making the playoffs in any capacity are down under 25%. If they don’t come out of the break strong, you have to wonder if they have it in them to consider selling. I hope they don’t.
  • Chris Gimenez has a good sense of his place in the game and the trajectory of his career, understanding that this might be his last season, partly because he wants to spend more time with his family (Des Moines Register). Hopefully he can come back up in September as the Cubs’ third catcher, impart some veteran value and experience, and then ride off into the sunset with a walk-off hit or something.
  • The unique trajectory for former Cubs pitcher – and returned Cubs minor league pitcher – Casey Coleman:

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