The Depths of Chatwood's Struggles, Injury Bits, Hamels Fun, and Other Bullets

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The Depths of Chatwood’s Struggles, Injury Bits, Hamels Fun, and Other Bullets

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Latest. Bullets. Ever. You can blame yesterday’s craziness, and today’s flurry of stuff. Just not me. You can’t blame me.

  • Obviously everything in the Tyler Chatwood discussion world is colored now by the context of a new pitcher arriving. Had the Cubs not just traded for Cole Hamels, we’d be back here today wondering how much longer the Cubs can keep doing this with Tyler Chatwood, who cannot currently throw strikes at a rate even *close* to acceptable enough to keep him in the rotation of a contender. But, with Hamels arriving, that whole conversation instead becomes the one we had the morning – six-man rotation? someone goes the bullpen? etc. My guess remains six-man rotation in the short-term, at least, which means Chatwood would get at least another start. His descent this year has been deeply head-scratching, and the Cubs have him under contract for two more years. It’s absolutely not a “cut bait” situation yet, but it is time to figure out how to put the team in the best position to succeed for the next two months.
  • Then again, baseball gonna baseball:

  • On the year, his first with the Cubs, Chatwood currently has a 4.98 ERA over 94.0 innings and 19 starts. Among starting pitchers with at least 90 innings this year, Chatwood’s 19.4% walk rate leads the league … by nearly SIX PERCENTAGE POINTS. When Rick Ankiel famously got the “yips” in 2001 and had to stop pitching, his walk rate was 20.2%.
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  • No significant injury updates just yet, but Javy Baez was able to pinch hit again yesterday, and run, and then stay in the game on defense. Hopefully he’ll be good to go tonight.
  • As for Kris Bryant, he’s getting the MRI on his shoulder, and we’ll see what’s what from there. Maddon told NBC Sports Chicago: “I think once he goes through this next test, that’s gonna help a lot. To find out if there’s anything we missed the first time. And hopefully not and then I think the docs will derive a gameplan from there.” In other words, there’s no plan until there is more information. Personally, I’m expecting another lengthy absence.
  • Hopefully David Bote can keep raking and playing great defense in the meantime.
  • A bummer on the planned Wrigley Field bowl game:

  • I presume negotiations will pick back up at some point, though.
  • Farewell to Eddie Butler:

Author: Brett Taylor

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