The High Point After the Low Point, the Cubs' Home Run Streak is Far From a Record, and Other Bullets

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The High Point After the Low Point, the Cubs’ Home Run Streak is Far From a Record, and Other Bullets

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I *finally* watched ‘Infinity War’ last night, and it’s a miracle of the modern age that a lot of what happened was not spoiled for me (I had seen certain memes out there that suggested some things). So that’s what people have been sitting with while waiting for the next one, eh? Wow.

  • The Cubs pulled off the four-game sweep of the Reds, clearly in order to return the favor … or had you forgotten that the Reds swept the Cubs earlier this season in four games that will probably, in hindsight, mark the low point of the season? Since that sweep the ended on June 24, the Cubs have gone 34-19, which is a .642 clip. Like I said even back then when it FELT like a low point, as much as we like to label things, you really can’t know until much later when that moment actually came. Heck, it could still be coming … sorry to do that to you. It probably isn’t still coming.
  • Wait … does that mean that this weekend was the season’s high point? Like a yin and yang situation?
  • Kyle Schwarber says the Cubs are doing what they want to do right now ( “We’re in a good spot. We have the best record in the NL. We’re not complacent by any means. We know what we want to do, and that’s [to] have the best record in the NL at the end of the year and win our division and make sure we have that first spot in the playoffs. It’s going to be fun going to the end of the season. We have to keep that mindset.”
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
  • Feel like the Cubs have been on a homer binge lately, even going back into that absurd streak of five straight games with only a solo homer to account for the Cubs’ solitary run of the day? Well, it has been a streak:

  • If you’re wondering, the MLB record is 27 straight games (Rangers in 2002), so the Cubs still have a ways to go. And they’ve got two upcoming games against Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard, so it could be tough to get to 14, much less 27.
  • Speaking of homers, this may be my favorite Cubs bullpen “dance,” not only because it is crazy and involved (they had to be ready for that David Bote homer!), but also because of how competitive they were about musical chairs:

  • And speaking of Cubs fun, this is just incredible:

  • I wondered what direction that was going to go (I was thinking Rizzo hits a monster bomb off of Rizzo). A very nice meta joke there on the Javy Baez video the Cubs made a few days earlier.
  • Laura Ricketts, who is a lesbian, offered her perspective on the Daniel Murphy trade, and although it can’t be treated as wholly dispositive, I do think it is very important that she was on board with the trade. I tend to think this is the last public statement we’ll see from anyone on this topic unless something affirmatively happens (whatever that could be):

Author: Brett Taylor

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