The Offense's Struggles Continue, But Here's Some Perspective on the Race and Other Bullets

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The Offense’s Struggles Continue, But Here’s Some Perspective on the Race and Other Bullets

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The news outside of the sports world has become so impossible to keep up with that I know I’m missing things. Do I feel guilty for not being informed? Or do I recognize that we just can’t take it all in all the time? I know sports aren’t “important,” and I know the Cubs have their ups and downs, but man, sometimes I’m happy to just live in that world for a few minutes. And yes, I know and appreciate that being able to take that breath is a luxury.

  • Here’s a fun(?) fact: last night’s game marked the FIFTH STRAIGHT game against the Pirates in which the Cubs mustered only a single solo home run. Maybe they could break that tonight, eh? How about TWO solo home runs! (And also seven or eight other runs via other methods …. )
  • I find the Cubs’ offensive struggles in the second half as maddening as anyone, but I’m here to say that the feelings we fans attach to those struggles – despite all the dang winning the Cubs are doing! – is magnified by something that has almost nothing to do with the Cubs:

  • You can tell me I’m wrong – I’m open to it – but I think if these same Cubs were in another division and had just clinched, the teeth-gnashing about the offense would be much, much less pronounced. We’d still notice it, sure. We’d still comment about our concerns heading into the postseason. But I don’t think there would be this same “OMFG THE CUBS ARE LIMPING TOWARD THE END OF THE SEASON,” even though, in that world, they’d be playing exactly the same. The only difference would be the freaking Brewers not being the second best team in the NL, and right on their tails.
  • To that end, I’m reminded of the six games the Cubs had against the Brewers recently, of which the Cubs won just two. Yes, those series took place during a brutal stretch for the Cubs, making things a little harder on them than they would have been in a context-neutral world. But the Cubs had their chance to put this thing away long ago. They didn’t, and now it’s tight.
  • I can’t tell you things are gonna be fine in this final week, or that the Cubs’ wins over the last month – despite struggles and crummy travel – mean anything with respect to what is yet to come. But I can tell you that, when I step back and view the whole of things, I think these Cubs have gotten really, really good results given what they’ve dealt with.
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  • Pedro Strop-date: he is playing catch and doing agility drills in his recovery from a hamstring strain ( He still hopes to pitch before the regular season ends, but that certainly isn’t the expectation.
  • Don’t park your car illegally outside Wrigley Field or the Baseball Gods will find you:

  • So, the Philadelphia Flyers announced a new mascot yesterday, and he blew up because of just how incredibly insane he looks. For that reason, I think the Flyers nailed it:

  • Also, he makes for great GIF deployment in any context, like this:

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