Joe Maddon's Agent Sees No Urgency for Extension Talks with the Cubs, Believes It Will Come Eventually

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Joe Maddon’s Agent Sees No Urgency for Extension Talks with the Cubs, Believes It Will Come Eventually

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The unavoidable irony (more Alanis Morissette-style than literary) of talking about silly conversations about Joe Maddon’s job security is that, in so doing, you are perpetuating those silly conversations about Joe Maddon’s job security, regardless of what you *actually* think about his job security.

I never thought Maddon was going to be fired after this past season, and I thought suggestions to that end were silly. HOWEVER, I’ve been saying it for weeks now, and it’s not going to go away: so long as Joe Maddon enters 2019 without an extension, the questions about his longevity in the organization are going to persist. He’s under contract through 2019 (only) for $6 million, and neither the front office nor Maddon’s camp have seemed all that eager to aggressively discuss an extension to this point. So, then, as he projects to head into 2019 as a lame-duck manager, of course there will be a deluge of conversations about Maddon’s future and what the Cubs are planning to do.

To that end, I have sympathy for Maddon and his agent, Alan Nero, because Nero is quite right when he tells Paul Sullivan of the Tribune that this drumbeat will continue ceaselessly throughout next season. It’s going to be very annoying, especially for them. But such is reality of the situation:

The interview with Nero is very much worth a read, as it underscores the apparent perspectives of all sides that are actually parties to this relationship: they are not concerned that Maddon is entering the final year of his deal without an extension. They’ll talk when they talk, but there is no urgency right now. Nero, like Theo Epstein did at his season-ending press conference, denies that there was ever any serious friction between Maddon and the front office. Maddon’s been fantastic, and everyone is happy.

Nero reiterated the perspective on an interview just now with Bernstein & McKnight on The Score:

Again, I totally get why that’s the perspective coming from the involved parties, because if neither side is itching to get another deal in place at this moment – and we’ve been given no inclination that they are – then it serves none of their interests to be out there rattling cages, or even acknowledging that this is an awkward situation.

But that won’t stop the topic from popping up periodically all offseason, and then hot and heavy during Spring Training, and then REALLY hot and heavy if the Cubs get out to a slow start (or hot start, actually) in 2019. Sometimes the chatter will be thoughtful and reasonable, while other times it will be lurid and useless. We’ll do our part to discuss this topic in a fair way, but I certainly am not going to avoid it entirely just because Maddon’s contract still has another season on it.

Perhaps all of this will be mooted by an extension at some point this winter.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.