How on Earth Was deGrom Not Unanimous, Coaching Movements, and Other Bullets

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How on Earth Was deGrom Not Unanimous, Coaching Movements, and Other Bullets

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Something something how about that weather eh something something.

  • The Cy Young winners have been announced, and it’s Jacob deGrom (obviously) and Blake Snell (less obviously, but expectedly):

  • deGrom was one vote shy of being a unanimous pick, which is a bit insane. Max Scherzer was fantastic this year, and deserved every one of the 29 second place votes he got. But a first place vote? Against a guy who had a miles better ERA, miles better WAR, and miles better peripherals? What were you thinking, dude? After Kris Bryant lost out on a unanimous MVP because of a homer vote for Daniel Murphy, I’ve got quite a soft spot in these situations.
  • The writer, John Maffei out of San Diego, also apparently does not have a good sense of humor about the situation:

  • The MVPs are announced tonight, and although Javy Baez is not going to beat out Christian Yelich in the NL, he could very well finish comfortably in second place. Pretty awesome if you ask me.
  • A note about pitching coach movements in the Phillies organization offered both for the plausibility of Cubs-related impact, and also because there are still changes taking place around the league:

  • We haven’t heard boo since it came out that Cubs pitching coach Jim Hickey probably wasn’t going to return next year, and Theo Epstein offered a no comment on the coaching staff. With Joe Maddon under contract for only one more year, and at this stage in the offseason, the Cubs probably will not be able to land a big-time name pitching coach for 2019, and they may have to find someone internally or who is just looking for a job at this point.
  • OK. OK. Sure:

Author: Brett Taylor

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