This Market, Man: Reported White Sox Offer to Manny Machado is Just 7 Years, $175 Million

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This Market, Man: Reported White Sox Offer to Manny Machado is Just 7 Years, $175 Million

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Although the White Sox’s interest in adding Manny Machado is crystal clear, the level to which they’re willing to extend an offer has always been less so. Early on, we heard they’d do whatever it took to get him in the door – and there was even talk of an eight-year, $250M offer with a willingness to go higher – but those reports were eventually squashed by wider rumors of an unwillingness to go over unwillingness to exceed seven years in any deal.

And spoiler alert: Those latter rumors might’ve been right …

Only Seven years. Only $175 million. Only $25M per year.

Yes, in the abstract that’s a lot of money, but for a 26-year-old superstar, I just can’t believe it. I really can’t. Regardless of what you think of Machado and his expected price tag before today, you probably won’t argue he’s gotta be worth at least that much as revenues continue to climb. Indeed, if that ends being ANYWHERE CLOSE to his final deal, the Cubs will have completely missed the mark by not setting themselves up to take advantage of such a cratered market here in 2019.

As Brett put it recently, “If Machado could truly be had on a $200M deal, whatever man. I’d be screaming loudly for the Cubs to just suck it up and find a way to sign him, because that’s just a good freaking roll of the pricey dice.”

Really, consider that for a moment: Manny Machado would be getting fewer years AND fewer dollars than Jason Heyward got three years ago from the Cubs, and Heyward reportedly took LESS guaranteed money to come to the Cubs than he could’ve had elsewhere! (Maybe that Heyward deal really is scaring other teams.)

To be totally fair, Jon Heyman seems to believe that Machado could’ve actually gotten more than $175 million earlier in the winter from the Yankees, but Heyman doesn’t seem to believe that’s necessarily on the table anymore.

If this is indeed the market, I really, strongly hope the Cubs reconsider their position, whether they were focused on Machado or not. Some deals are just too good to pass up, even if they don’t fit into your plans perfectly. And if someone like Machado can be had for less than $200 million and fewer than 8 years, you absolutely need to seriously consider a surprise entrance, because you may never get a chance like that again. Heck, *lots* of teams should be seriously considering it right about now.

On a seven year deal, Machado will be 32 when he starts the final year of his contract. THIRTY-TWO.

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Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami