Both Kyle Schwarber and Albert Almora Jr. Have Been Hot For a Month - But Who's Been Better?

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Both Kyle Schwarber and Albert Almora Jr. Have Been Hot For a Month – But Who’s Been Better?

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I don’t think it’s escaped folks’ notice that each of Kyle Schwarber and Albert Almora, guys who slumped hard to open the season, have been pretty dang hot for a little while now. But what’s funny is that they both heated up on the exact same day: April 25.

That day isn’t really special in any way I can figure out, though it’s funny that each of the two played only a half-game that day, a 2-1 loss against the Dodgers, with Almora pinch-hitting for Schwarber in the 7th inning.

But anyway, both guys have been hitting very well in the month that has followed … any guess on which guy is doing better? And by how much?

I actually would have guessed Schwarber, probably tainted by the fact that he’s been an on-base machine lately, and has a couple deeeeeep drives the last few days. But, by the results, it’s actually Almora.

Kyle Schwarber, since April 25: .269/.412/.500, 136 wRC+

Albert Almora, since April 25: .322/.344/.575, 143 wRC+

Obviously the top-line numbers aren’t everything, as Schwarber has been wrecking the ball (43.6% hard contact, 10.9% soft contact) and keeping it off the ground (33.3% groundball rate), while also taking his walks (19.6%). Those are all things you like to see to pair with good results, making you feel like they are sustainable. With Almora, there are almost no walks (2.2%), not the kind of contact you’d want to see to sustain a .354 BABIP or .253 ISO (38.9% hard, 20.8% soft), and still too many ground balls (56.5%).

So, I’d actually probably say Schwarber has performed a little better at the plate this past month, whereas Almora has gotten the better results.

I offer that not in any meaningful way, mind you, because mostly I just wanted to observe that these two guys have had a great month at the plate. And it’s been needed, because the other outfielder – Jason Heyward – cooled off around that same time, going just .172/.287/.258 (51 wRC+) since April 25.

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