Chicago Cubs Lineup: Carlos Gonzalez Gets His First Start with the Cubs

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Chicago Cubs Lineup: Carlos Gonzalez Gets His First Start with the Cubs

Chicago Cubs

This afternoon, the Cubs and Angels are making up a game that was rained out earlier in the year. And the Cubs’ new outfielder, Carlos Gonzalez, is making an appearance.

Chicago Cubs Lineup: 

  1. Kyle Schwarber, LF
  2. Kris Bryant, 3B
  3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B
  4. Javy Baez, SS
  5. Carlos Gonzalez, RF
  6. Willson Contreras, C
  7. Jason Heyward, CF
  8. Addison Russell, 2B
  9. Jon Lester, P

If you can count on Joe Maddon for anything – other than help finding the nearest Binny’s Beverage Depot – it’s immediately slotting any recently traded, acquired, or promoted player directly into the starting lineup (or high-leverage moment, if the new guy is a reliever). I think it’s about breaking the ice and/or ripping-off-the-band-aid, so to speak, but yeah. He always does it.

So welcome Carlos Gonzalez … now get out to right field!

With the Angles’ lefty Cam Bedrosian on the mound this afternoon (.330 wOBA versus lefties, .290 wOBA versus righties) Gonzalez makes as much sense as anybody. Gonzalez has crushed righties most of his career, and Bedrosian has struggled against lefties. So on the surface, this makes plenty of sense. Obviously, Gonzalez hasn’t been himself for quite a while, but this was at least part of the reason for grabbing him in the first.

The entire Cubs outfield is left-handed today. And with Anthony Rizzo at first and Jon Lester on the mound, that means Bedrosian will face five left-handed hitters. Let’s see if that wakes up the offense.

UPDATE: In my haste, I’m only now realizing that Cam Bedrosian is actually serving as the “opener.” Trevor Cahill will come in after him, but he’s been EVEN WORSE against lefties, so the strategy remains smart.

As usual, we’ll have your full Pre-Gamin’ closer to game time (3:05 CT).

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami