The Defeated Feeling, Sub-.500 for Months, McLeod's Transition, and Other Cubs Bullets

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The Defeated Feeling, Sub-.500 for Months, McLeod’s Transition, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Tough week in the Taylor House. Much love to friends for the support. Let’s sports …

  • There are no real hugely positive things to share a day after the Cubs blow a golden opportunity for the second straight day, and fall into a mid-September tie for the second Wild Card spot. Thus:

  • There’s no surprise there. These guys know the talent they have. They know how they’ve massively underperformed. They know that a prime year is slipping through their fingers. And they know it isn’t just a recent issue:

  • We can keep doing the hope thing, I guess. That’s all we’ve got at this point.
  • I would make jokes about this kind of comment in mid-September, but really, what else is the manager supposed to say ( “We can change momentum, but we have to be more consistent offensively,” manager Joe Maddon said. “We win as a group; we lose as a group. But I do believe to get where we want to go, we have to be a consistent offensive team the rest of the season.”
  • The magic switch is not going to flip. If the Cubs score a lot of runs the rest of the way, it’s going to be because they always had the talent for it, and it just happened to coalesce in this stretch (as it has before this season for periodic stretches). The inconsistency is a feature of this group, not some weird oddity that can be handwaved away. Ride the year out, see what happens, and then get to work. Serious, serious work.
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  • More from Jason McLeod on his transition into a new role on the big league side ( “It’s still to be defined, really. It’s Day 1 of me coming into this role. My background in player evaluation, my experience managing staffs and having led people brings a different perspective to the clubhouse environment. There’s a lot of history with these players. I look forward to having a lot of conversations with Joe, certainly with Theo and Jed. I’ll be on the ground floor now in terms of roster construction conversations. I’ve always been involved, of course, but I also had two other departments I was managing. So now, I’ll be really spearheading conversations about players we might be trying to go get for this club and some initiatives we’d like to put together to help us be better and get back to the World Series.”
  • I’m hopeful that this role shift will not only allow the Cubs to bring in a new voice/new talent on the scouting and player development side, but also that perhaps McLeod can help get a new voice into the roster construction side of things, since clearly, that has been a massive issue for the Cubs the last couple years, when the whole was much less than the sum of the parts.
  • Theo Epstein is on the radio right now – more on that soon – but I wanted to drop these two notes, since they’re on point with the McLeod conversation:

  • Please poach from the Astros, Dodgers, Rays, and/or Yankees, please and thanks.
  • Heh, memories:

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