Astros to Investigate Allegations That Astros Cheated, Which ... Uh, What?

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Astros to Investigate Allegations That Astros Cheated, Which … Uh, What?

Chicago Cubs

The Astros were using cameras in the outfield, un-uniformed personnel watching the feeds, and then loud bangs on trashcans to steal signs during games in their World Championship 2017 season. With Mike Fiers, then an Astros pitcher, confirming the details to The Athletic, what has long been suspected – not only about the Astros, mind you – is now confirmed.

… but what now? This is one of those things that is kinda hard to gauge because, on the one hand, I feel like the whole baseball world already knew this was happening, but on the other hand, it’s really serious malfeasance. So are the Astros going to get hammered? They’re already being investigated for their shit culture after the Brandon Taubman circus, and now this? And are other teams going to be investigated, too? Will MLB try yet another rules change to stop this behavior?

For their part, the Astros say they’re going to investigate (l0lwut?):

A reminder, as noted by Olney, that when the Astros caught heat for an employee suspiciously taking pictures around the Indians’ dugout in the 2018 postseason, Luhnow said this: “We were playing defense, we were not playing offense. We wanted to make sure it was a level playing field. … We look around to make sure there’s nothing suspicious going on. We want to make sure our signs aren’t getting stolen. So we do it every stadium we go into. We dispatch someone from the travel party to go out to center field, look at a particular area that might be suspicious or a certain monitor. I’m sure other clubs do this as well, but we’re just trying to protect ourselves the best we can.”

In other words, get the eff straight outta here if you’re going to try to suggest now that you didn’t know *exactly* what your team was doing in 2017.

I’m thinking MLB is gonna take the reins on this investigation, thanks.

Some random, notable, and/or humorous things to add to this story as background for whatever comes next …

  • This whole thing is so cringeworthy:

  • This is a pretty clear demonstration of what the Astros were doing:

  • Ha ha ha ha nah:

  • Maybe it wasn’t entirely your fault in at least one of those World Series starts, Yu:

  • Another big leaguer speaks out:

  • Heh:

  • Check the date, and realize why McCullers was so worried then:

Author: Brett Taylor

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