Pre-Movie-Gamin': Remember the Titans (6:10 CT) - Cast, Movie Thread, Viewing Options

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Pre-Movie-Gamin’: Remember the Titans (6:10 CT) – Cast, Movie Thread, Viewing Options

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Who doesn’t remember and love Remember the Titans?

Based on a true story, Remember the Titans covers the story of African-American coach Herman Boone and his attempt to integrate a high school football team in Virginia in 1971. It’s extremely fun, very quotable, and easily one of the best sports movies of all-time (I will hear no arguments). It also got the third most votes (40) of any movie in our poll, behind only Major League (50) and The Sandlot (49).

Needless to say, Remember the Titans was another critical and cultural success, earning $136.7M world wide on just a $30M budget.

As for the impact of the movie … Remember the Titans came out in September of 2000, when I was just 8 years old and I remember it being one of the first serious lessons I got about race relations and black history in the United States. I, of course, have no authority on the matter, but I still believe it does a good job of introducing serious, difficult, and important topics to a younger audience without polishing things beyond usefulness. Heck, there are even some inclusive lessons on sexuality, if I remember correctly.

And, of course, there’s some awesome football action throughout this movie, particularly on the training/montage side of things.

As for some of the factual inaccuracies, here are some of the more interesting ones (Warning: some are disappointing) …

  • The Titans were ranked second in the nation at the end of the 1971 season, finishing 13–0. However, despite the movie showing multiple close games, most games were actually blowouts, with 9 of their fourteen wins being shutouts
  • In the movie, Coach Boone states, “We are not like all the other schools in this conference, they’re all white. They don’t have to worry about race. We do.” This is false as well; all the schools the Titans faced were integrated years before.
  • While the team is at camp, it shows Coach Boone waking them up at three in the morning to go for a run. This did not occur; neither did his speech at Gettysburg.[10] The team did go on a tour of Gettysburg, although it was not as dramatic as portrayed in the film.
  • Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass was far from being the only one with long hair at the time. Even Gerry Bertier had long hair. But in interviews Bass said “I’ll say for the record my hair was never that long.” He also says the kiss with Gerry never happened.

It’s not Cubs v. Brewers in game 2 of the 2020 regular season, but at least it’s something.

Movie Info

(Note: Some of the movies on this calendar are streamable on Netflix, Hulu, etc. (and some of you may even own hard copies on VHS or DVD!) I’ll be sure to mention it when they are. However, whenever they’re not available for free, I’ll share a link to the cheapest place to rent it in this section).

Major League (1989) – Saturday, March 28th at 6:10 CT on … Disney+ (You can sign up for a free trial at Disney+ to watch this movie *and* support Bleacher Nation in the process).

You can also rent it on YouTube ($2.99) or Amazon ($3.99).


Director: Boaz Yakin
Writer: Gregory Allen Howard


IMDB: 7.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 73% Critic Score, 94% Audience Score

Major League Cast:

  1. Coach Herman Boon … Denzel Washington
  2. Coach Bill Yoast … Will Patton
  3. Julius Campbell … Wood Harris
  4. Gerry Bertier … Ryan Hurst
  5. Petey Jones … Donald Faison
  6. Jerry ‘Rev’ Harris … Craig Kirkwood
  7. Louie Lastik … Ethan Suplee
  8. Ronnie ‘Sunshine’ Bass … Kip Purdue
  9. Sheryl Yoast … Hayden Panettiere

And Ryan Gosling as Alan Bosley (apparently I totally blocked this out).

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