Players Reportedly Respond to Owners' Proposal of 60 Games with Something Closer to 70 Games (UPDATES)

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Players Reportedly Respond to Owners’ Proposal of 60 Games with Something Closer to 70 Games (UPDATES)

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The owners are at prorated pay for 60 games, with no grievance, expanded playoffs, and some postseason money going to the players.

Thankfully, the players promptly responded on something of a similar track, at around 70 games:

That feels like a very reasonable response, especially because they can say they are coming down from their last offer, which was a whopping 89 games.

As we’ve discussed, if the league is dead set on concluding the regular season on September 27 (which is both because of postseason TV contracts and also a second wave of the coronavirus (plus flu season)), then we’re looking at only about 73 days available for the season (after a realistic Spring Training Part Two). Even with a couple doubleheaders mixed in, you’re talking about maybe 66 games. I wish the owners had just offered 70-ish games at full prorated a couple weeks ago so that could’ve been that, but obviously the stalling on that front worked out. Now you have to hope the owners are willing to come up from 60 games to meet somewhere in the middle – again, around 66 games – and the players are willing to accept.

Obviously  the other terms all matter a great deal, too, but I’m modestly hopeful that the sides are chipping away at the main remaining issue – number of games.

More soon.

UPDATE (Michael): Passan is updating his “in the neighborhood” of 70 games to explicitly reporting exactly “70 games.”

And reminder, things are pretty darn close, especially if you wind up somewhere in the middle. Even if the owners took the players’ offer, here’s what I (Brett) said this morning, before the offer came out:

UPDATE 2: More details:

UPDATE 3: Not sure how practical this will be in a situation where things have gotten so bad nationally that a solution like this is even necessary, but at least they’re talking about ideas:

UPDATE 4: Not sure why anyone would expect the owners to cheer a proposal that costs them 10 more games worth of salary:

Which is to say, of course this is their response. Par for the course. They want to pull on every lever they can to get the money down, even if it means more hostility. Just the way it goes.

UPDATE 5: This may strike some as weird, but this leaves me feeling much less optimistic – just the fact of this statement being released:

UPDATE 6: I expected exactly this, but it still perturbs me beyond belief that this can’t just be treated, quietly, as a damn negotiation, instead of all the ridiculous hyperbole:

UPDATE 7: We’re going in a circle:

Remember, the predicate for the latest back-and-forth was this: if the owners impose a 50-game season, they get backlash from all sides and also a winnable grievance from the players.

The point was to negotiate your way OUT of those two problems. Hence: just settle at 66 and play ball.

UPDATE 8: If this is accurate, then the angry owners have their beef with Manfred, not the players:

That said, it’s almost comical how embarrassingly bad these sides are at communicating clearly with each other. I guess that’s what happens when there is no trust.

Author: Brett Taylor

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