Obsessive Marquee-Comcast Watch: Bruce Levine Has Heard a Deal Will Get Done

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Obsessive Marquee-Comcast Watch: Bruce Levine Has Heard a Deal Will Get Done

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Bruce Levine, who notably doubles his duty between 670 The Score and Marquee Sports Network, was on 670 last night with Hub Arkush (h/t @anthonycdemaria) and was asked about the state of Marquee and Comcast. Is a deal happening or what? 

Levine, acknowledging that people are kind of sick of hearing about this, was extremely definitive in his initial responses. He said, “I’ve heard it will be done early next week,” and when asked if he expects the deal to be done in time for the season opener, he said, “I do.”

Given Levine’s unique media position, I think that’s all worth paying some attention to. 

Levine went on to get a little more narrative on the why he thinks a deal will get done (there hasn’t been anything new and live for so long, and while it didn’t make sense for Comcast to sign on when there wasn’t baseball, they’re just taking it down to the wire before finalizing the deal). That, to be honest, kind of made me feel a little less confident – it made what he was saying feel less like a report and more like his own level of confidence. That’s still worth something, mind you, but it is much less than “Yes, this is absolutely going to happen, I’ve seen the documents!”

Levine conclude the topic by saying that he hopes something will be announced early next week. Hope, indeed. 

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