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Milwaukee Brewers Join Bucks in Refusing to Play Tonight (UPDATES)

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Following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Bucks refused to take the court this afternoon in their postseason game. It was the strongest form of protest we’ve yet seen in the sports sphere. In response, the NBA postponed the other two playoff games scheduled for today, and is meeting with the players to discuss how the season proceeds from here.

Now, the Milwaukee Brewers are taking the same stand: they will not play tonight against the Reds.

We will update this post on the fly, as this is jaw-dropping, important, and breaking news. Other teams may follow suit.

UPDATE: It is indeed being discussed by other teams:

The Cubs and Tigers are scheduled to play in Detroit in one hour.

UPDATE 2: Jared Diamond confirms that the Reds joined the Brewers in declining to play tonight, so it is not a forfeit. I can’t imagine a team taking a “win” in a situation like this.

UPDATE 3: Jason Heyward is a healthy scratch tonight for the Cubs, which, given the timing, is impossible not to assume is a justifiable protest. He’s got our full support. Actually, update as I type, that is what is happening:

I will be very interested to know what, if anything, Heyward’s teammates will say about their own decision (at the moment) to play.

UPDATE 4: Mariners players decided not to play their game against the Padres tonight:

Author: Brett Taylor

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