David Ross Speaks: Fingers Crossed on Lester, Love for Schwarber, His Thoughts on New Rules, More

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David Ross Speaks: Fingers Crossed on Lester, Love for Schwarber, His Thoughts on New Rules, More

Chicago Cubs

Since he didn’t get to do the usual Winter Meetings thing, Cubs manager David Ross hit up a Zoom session today.

First, and most notably, is what MLB managers are hearing from the league right now on the plans for next season. Despite the chatter about the league wanting to delay and shrink the season, last Ross heard, the Commissioner has said they still hope for 162:

To be fair, that’s what everyone would say as we sit here right now, so maybe that’s a nothing. But at least Manfred wasn’t telling managers that they should expect a delayed/shortened season.

Of course, Ross had to be asked about his friend Jon Lester, who is now a free agent, and the possibility of a reunion:

Ross has expressed optimism before about the sides reuniting, and the Cubs/Lester have said all the right things, too. It’ll be a process this offseason, but we’ll see what happens.

It had to be tough for Ross to think about Kyle Schwarber being non-tendered, given the closeness of their relationship over the years:

This made me chuckle, not so much because of anything Kris-Bryant-related, but because of Boras:

The Cubs’ plans for Bryant, as far as Ross is concerned, are probably limited to, “If he’s here, he’s the third baseman and a middle-of-the-order hitter, and that’s swell and important. The end.”

Speaking of Bryant, while I loved the idea of him hitting leadoff last year before the pandemic hit and then the season got all mucked up for him, I’m fine with just letting Ian Happ stick in the spot and roll with it, since it worked well for him:

It’s interesting that Ross was on board with all the rules changes except the expanded postseason (which he was pretty open about not liking last year, especially with it being 16 teams (which is too many)):

So there’s an NL manager on board with all the rules. Just sayin’. Personally, I think they’re all fine.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.