REPORT: Cubs and Padres "Deep Into Talks" on Yu Darvish Trade (UPDATES: Names Trickling Out)

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REPORT: Cubs and Padres “Deep Into Talks” on Yu Darvish Trade (UPDATES: Names Trickling Out)

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This is all happening very fast. As these things do, especially with the Padres. Updates flowing as they come.

Just a few moments after a report that the Padres were still interested in Yu Darvish even after acquiring Blake Snell last night, a bombshell:

The fact that all three reporters are listed – San Diego and Chicago – and the fact that it includes the “if the deal is completed” line, means … well … this is happening. Unless it’s scuttled by a physical or something else, this is happening. And I’m freaking out.

On first blush, if the rumors that the Padres are landing Ha-Seong Kim are true, then it’s pretty easy to surmise that utilityman/second baseman Jake Cronenworth is coming to the Cubs in the deal (if it happens), as he’s a controllable high-contact bat. Cubs would want him.

From there, you’re talking about a still-loaded farm system, as well as some young big league pitchers like Adrian Morejon. The pieces are there for you to not absolutely hate a trade like this. Even if it makes you sad to think about losing Darvish.

UPDATE: A national report chimes in, and confirms Padres are not on the no-trade list:

UPDATE 2: Interesting that Padres have been targeting Darvish all along:

Maybe that enhances the return? And certainly, I’d argue that once you have your other additions in place (Snell, Kim), it might make you even more aggressive to be assured you get your other target(s).

Realistic guess? Cronenworth, Myers (plus some cash), Morejon, and lesser prospect(s). Not necessarily gonna blow your hair back, but I could envision a scenario where the Cubs are better in the near and long-term after a deal like that, depending on what they do with the extra money available. Just sayin’.

UPDATE 3: OK, if things weren’t already nuts, they are getting even more nuts:

I don’t even want to think about the Cubs losing Darvish and Contreras in the same trade. But I will say that, yes, it’s an area of depth for the Cubs, as we’ve discussed. And yes, the Padres did just trade Mejia to the Rays. There’s some logic here. Obviously.

But man … if you’re dealing Darvish and a catcher … we should start talking about Gore.

Caratini, who catches Darvish, might make more sense, though. He’s valuable in his own right!

UPDATE 4: Just a thinking-out-loud update. This is all interrelated with the Snell and Kim deals. You can go get Darvish more aggressively if you know you have those guys secured. You can also trade Cronenworth at that point. You might want a catcher at that point if you’ve traded Mejia. You have to wait for Kim deal to be finalized (physical) before you can complete the interrelated moves, so that would be the hold-up, even if Cubs and Padres had “agreed” to a trade.

UPDATE 5: The full article is now out, and worth a read:

The trade is described as a “complex deal” that isn’t yet at the finish line.

UPDATE 6: More local confirmation of the serious talks:

As expected, the catcher involved – IF it happens – would be Caratini. The Cubs are reportedly looking at two Padres big leaguers (Cronenworth and Morejon? That’s my guess), and two prospects (wouldn’t be Gore or Abrams, I’d think).

UPDATE 7: I’m a big Campusano fan, but it would seem odd to target him, specifically, when his timeline is right there alongside Miguel Amaya’s:

Maybe the Cubs just love the bat, which projects excellently? He’s been rumored in connection to the Cubs before. Of note, Campusano is reportedly dealing with an offseason marijuana charge in Georgia.

UPDATE 8: Oh my. Phrasing getting stronger:

Based on this from Acee, the deal is done, and it’s just down to finalizing the Snell deal and the Kim signing, and other medical reviews: “Those people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, would not elaborate on the details of the deal but said the Padres have accepted the haul they will have to send to the Cubs.”

UPDATE 9: Jesse Rogers was just on ESPN 1000, and suggested it would be five players coming to the Cubs for Darvish and Caratini. It would likely be younger prospects as the main component, Zach Davies, and maybe another big league pitcher. If the prospects include guys like Campusano and Robert Hassell? Well all right. We can talk about that.

UPDATE 10: Not a ton new here, other than an additional national person saying the deal is close:

UPDATE 11: Note that Nightengale was the one who reported Campusano’s presence in the talks in the first place:

Let me say, it’s not impossible to imagine a “fair” package here that doesn’t involve Gore, Abrams, or Campusano, but, uh, it becomes tricky to do it.

UPDATE 12: Just thinking out loud, in response to that 11th update. I’ve just been assuming out of hand that – for one of a few examples – Chris Paddack is off-limits. He is, right? Like, Pads wouldn’t be so down on him after the stub-2020 season that they’d include him in this deal? Because while, yes, his results were waaaay down over the 59.0 innings of 2020, he still has alarmingly good stuff. If he were involved, then it kinda changes this whole discussion. So, again, that’s a big part of why I’m assuming he’s not involved?

UPDATE 13: There’s a name from Jonathan Mayo:

Caissie, 17 when he was drafted, is out of Canada, and was signed for under slot as the 45th overall pick.

If the structure is Davies plus prospects – and only prospects – then you’d rule out all of Cronenworth, Paddack, and Morejon … but patience for now. Actually, I can’t. I’m gonna give into the reactionary demons, because it’s just impossible not to: it would be odd if Caissie gets identified first even if there are multiple much more high-profile prospects in the deal, eh?

UPDATE 14: Implication here is five players going to Cubs. Davies, Caissie, + + + … where you’re hoping those final three are, um, quite strong:

UPDATE 15: Another name you probably don’t know:

Preciado was a big IFA signing in 2019 for the Padres. Another very good prospect in a good system, but, again, not necessarily a headliner like you’d expect.

UPDATE 16: Could explain why people can’t name the other players in the deal yet. Maybe they aren’t Padres:

UPDATE 17: Not necessarily another team directly implicating the Cubs. Because this report has the final two names as straight prospects:

Both Mena and Santana are well-regarded prospects, but like Caissie and Preciado, they are extremely young. This is such a weird package as presently suggested.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.