The Max Scherzer Stuff is Getting Boiling Hot, and Sounds Like He'll Sign Soon (UPDATES)

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The Max Scherzer Stuff is Getting Boiling Hot, and Sounds Like He’ll Sign Soon (UPDATES)

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We could see a new average annual value record set any moment now, because Max Scherzer is gonna get paaaaaaaid.

Among the latest reports:

It seems increasingly likely that Scherzer will top $40 million over AT LEAST two years, which is both nuts and also appropriate, given the value he’s likely to provide. The guy has just consistently been very good and very healthy in his 30s, and there’s little reason to project an immediate downturn.

Stay tuned. Like we said earlier this evening, today and tomorrow figure to be particularly wild thanks to the logistics of a likely Thursday lockout. That part kinda sucks, but at least things are crazy right now.

UPDATE: I’d still bet on a team out west, but hey, the rumors are the rumors:

At an addition of $40+ million, the Mets’ payroll is going to be HUGE for the next several years if they land Scherzer. Good for them, I guess. *kicks dirt*

UPDATE 2: I would simply be entertained by this, even if jealous about how the Mets have started proceeding:

UPDATE 3: Every update, slightly more certain wording:

UPDATE 4 (Michael): The language gets more serious once again. This appears to be happening.

UPDATE 5 (Michael): There are details on the offer, itself, which is reportedly enormous.

Author: Brett Taylor

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