It Would Be Nice to Be Hyped About the Coming Season, A New Cubs Coach, and Other Cubs Bullets

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It Would Be Nice to Be Hyped About the Coming Season, A New Cubs Coach, and Other Cubs Bullets

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It’s Friday, so I think I’m in the clear to mention: obviously I really liked Wednesday’s episode of ‘Boba Fett,’ and I was really surprised at how much it was totally just a ‘Mandalorian’ episode. I thought maybe he might make a cameo this year because of the way filming happened, but I didn’t expect that he was going to be, like, a major character and plot point and that there would be more of his story explored (and then obviously setting up season three). It is good and cool and fine – I was just really surprised.

•   In another timeline, yesterday WOULD’VE been one of those kinda-arbitrary dates that was getting me pumped:

•   A lack of spring hype is not a major cost of the lockout, obviously, but it’s not nothing. We baseball fans can’t feel the excitement about the coming Spring Training and the coming season. We’ve already talked about the fact that it’s gotta be crushing Spring Training ticket sales and Arizona/Florida hotel bookings, but even for the folks who weren’t going to travel, it’s a bummer. I like the *feeling* of a season coming. I like counting down the days to the first spring game or to pitchers and catchers reporting. This year, not only is that absent, it also has an affirmatively negative feeling associated with it. I think about Spring Training right now, and I get pissed off.

•   Also: this is the third straight Spring Training that won’t be normal.

•   More minor league coaching news trickling out, as the Cubs have a new infield coordinator:

•   Serena is another coach who comes over from the private instruction world, having founded Rogue Baseball. In theory, I love it, because these folks already have a long history of working at a very high level with performance data to develop young players. Over the last two years, the Cubs have brought in a number of coaches from DriveLine, as well as (minor league hitting director) Justin Stone’s Elite Baseball. The Cubs’ pool of legit prospects right now is as deep as we can remember – and it is an extremely young group – so, in theory, maxing out player development right now is as important as it’s ever been.

•   Michael is right – this was definitely one of the best moments of the season:

•   Seeing that play circulating on Twitter, Miguel Esparza re-shared his call that night, and it’s so dang much fun:

•   The behind-the-scenes stories from many of the minor league teams that lost MLB affiliations last year:

•   Random highlight:

•   I remember telling my non-Cubs-fan brother about Mark Grace’s cycle the next day, and he was so unimpressed. Which made me so angry.

•   For those of you in Louisiana, mobile sports betting is launching today, and yes, we have a huge promo code from Caesars that you should check out if you want a deposit match. Thanks/you’re welcome.

•   A proposal for fixing the line score, which doesn’t actually tell you a lot about a game by showing only runs, hits, and errors. Ben Clemens would prefer to see runs, single-base events, and extra-base hits as the three items, which indeed would tell you a whole lot more about a game in the same size line score.

•   OK, sure:

•   Beautiful shot here:

•   Pretty good for the “worst move of the offseason”:

•   Specific Blackhawks rumor dropping:

•   And if you missed the big Bears news:

Author: Brett Taylor

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