MLB Lockout Day 88: Another Day of Long Meetings, and Not A Lot Of Initial Reactions? (UPDATES)

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MLB Lockout Day 88: Another Day of Long Meetings, and Not A Lot Of Initial Reactions? (UPDATES)

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Although no one can credibly expect a new CBA to arrive in short order, the players and the owners continued meeting today. They’ll do it again tomorrow, the date appointed by MLB as the singular deadline for an agreement before regular season games are canceled.

Unlike all the previous negotiating days, there weren’t immediate reports about what was discussed and/or how the early reactions looked. Not sure what to make of that, but I’ll update you when more comes out.

UPDATE: I’ll caution the optimistic among you that what MLB sees as progress might be seen by the players as far from that. So keep your loins girded for the overwhelmingly likelihood of no deal by tomorrow night and canceled games:

But, yes, that update is better than the alternative for now. And an earlier start tomorrow than the rest of the meetings, for what that’s worth.

UPDATE 2: So, in other words, *not* productive? Wonder which side this came from:

Ope, as I update, it must be that the players are getting their reaction out, and that’s whose side it came from:

My cynical take sure looks to be in play, unfortunately …

UPDATE 3: Just some more color from the day:

That kind of trading makes sense, and it would’ve been great to engage in those kinds of hypotheticals weeks and weeks ago. (As for the draft pick compensation/qualifying offer bit, well, the owners were already proposing really high tax rates in the CBT, so I don’t quite get how that’s different from where things already were. Doesn’t seem like movement in any case.)

Author: Brett Taylor

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