Schwisdom Heroics, Contreras Hamstring, Thompson Contact, Prior Memories, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Schwisdom Heroics, Contreras Hamstring, Thompson Contact, Prior Memories, and Other Cubs Bullets

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I don’t really mind mowing the lawn, but I do mind having to think about the weather schedule’s relationship to when I am going to be able to/need to mow.

•   Not unlike the Christopher Morel debut homer last week, the late Patrick Wisdom and Frank Schwindel homers yesterday felt like one of those moments we deserved as a temporary salve to the pain that accompanies a season that is highly unlikely to bring you 85+ wins. We probably won’t see the Cubs in a divisional or Wild Card race, but I’m not here to concede that it makes the entire 2022 season meritless from a fan perspective. It’s not even just player development and trades and the future and all that. It’s moments like yesterday. I like to like enjoying what I like. And I liked yesterday.

•   Absolutely incredible comeback here from Schwindel after trailing for the entire race:

•   Just pals bein’ guys bein’ friends:

•   After yesterday’s heroics, Schwindel’s season numbers are still not good (.226/.269/.358/78 wRC+), but if you want to be really generous and optimistic, you say that after Schwindel missed that would-have-been-game-winning-grand-slam in San Diego, he’s hit .286/.333/.500/135 wRC+ over 45 plate appearances. He isn’t striking out during that time, he’s hitting it a lot harder, and he’s making a lot more contact in the zone. From David Ross ( “Everything has gone back up. [He’s] hitting the ball hard, taking his walks, and it looks like his timing is there. He’s doing a really nice job in the box for us, swinging the bat well.”

•   If you were looking for worrying signs, you’d point out that he’s swinging outside the zone even MORE than usual (which was already a ton) during this stretch, and swinging in the zone even less. To be sure, Schwindel had that funky combo last year when he was raking, so it’s clearly a part of his style. But generally speaking, it doesn’t pair with long-term offensive success.

•   As for Wisdom, he’s back up to positive territory on the wRC+ side (114, or 14% better than league average), despite his uncommonly Wisdom-like slash line: .219/.279/.492. The total package still plays as long as there is quality defense at third base, but we’ve seen a continuation of his specific issue from last year (if a pitcher has even a modestly decent fastball that he can elevate, Wisdom has no prayer). Don’t get me wrong: I’m not at all disappointed with what Wisdom has been this year, I’m saying only that I don’t think there’s another level in there at age 31/32.

•   The news on Willson Contreras’s hamstring was a so-far-so-good situation (thus not placing him on the IL just yet), as neither he nor David Ross are expecting it to be too long that he’s out (NBC). Contreras may have saved himself a serious injury by pulling himself relatively early. Heck, even if he did have to miss 10 days for a minimum IL stint, I’d consider that a huge win when talking about a hamstring. We’ll see if he’s back in there by tomorrow or Wednesday (which is when the Cubs would get past the point of backdating).

•   Just one pitcher in all of baseball (Zach Eflin) is generating more soft contact than Keegan Thompson’s 30.3% (he’s also the 6th least hard contact). Thompson closed down yesterday’s game in relief of Wade Miley, and continues to be excellent this year in that role (even if he was also starting to looking mighty intriguing in his starts). Eflin, by the way, seems to have an extremely unlucky 3.65 ERA, because he’s doing everything well. The 28-year-old righty is a free agent after this season …

•   Getting tired of Seiya Suzuki’s strike zone suddenly including multiple inches all around the zone:

•   I’d missed this anniversary before the Bullets yesterday, but man, that was such a biggy:

•   I’m not sure there was a more hyped prospect debut in my Cubs fan life. Kris Bryant would probably be closest, and my memory is that it wasn’t all that close. And then for Prior to live up to the hype that day? To deliver on it like that? Just ridiculous.

•   This is just lovely and sweet:

•   If you’ve been looking to get an enormous TV on the cheap, Amazon’s got a giant 4K one for 750 bucks. #ad

Author: Brett Taylor

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