Ever See a Catcher Have to Hold an Umpire Back?

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Ever See a Catcher Have to Hold an Umpire Back?

Chicago Cubs

You see catchers sometimes holding batters back when there is beef with the pitcher. Hey man. Take it easy. Pitch was an accident. Nothing needs to escalate from here.

But I can’t say I’ve ever seen a catcher have to hold an UMPIRE back from go after the pitcher. I don’t think this was going to become physical, but you still had a heated umpire deciding he was going to go out to the mound to get on Diamondbacks righty Zac Gallen, presumably because he didn’t like Gallen complaining about the strike zone? So then you had catcher Jose Herrera getting in front of the umpire, putting up a hand to the umpire’s chest, talking to him and keeping him from going out:

Whatever Herrera said worked, because home plate umpire John Libka stopped going after Gallen. But Gallen’s manager, Torey Lovullo, was sufficiently pissed that he was gonna get in his words with Libka, who didn’t even blink before tossing Lovullo. That whole this is a serious Ump Show if I’ve ever seen one. You warn the pitcher that he’s saying too much and if he does it again, he’s getting tossed. What you don’t do is try to PHYSICALLY go out to the mound to escalate things, especially when Gallen was pretty clearly trying to walk it off.

We’ll see if there’s any fallout from this or discipline for Libka, though I think we already know how that goes. The only teeny, tiny bit of credit I’ll give Libka is that once he’d tossed Lovullo, he let the Diamondbacks manager get his money’s worth by screaming in his face.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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