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Month: August 2011


Obsessive Zambrano Watch: The Fourth Bullets

Cubs deny Zambrano tried to return his things, a grievance hearing is on the way, Zambrano called and texted Cubs personnel to say “goodbye,” Alfonso Soriano did give Z the business, and Mike Quade says he has a fine relationship with the pitcher.


The (Third) Carlos Zambrano Bullets

Almost too many bullets to recount, and none particularly flattering for Zambrano. His teammates aren’t leaping to his defense, and neither is Jim Hendry. The media is even more harsh.


The (Second) Carlos Zambrano Bullets

Bruce Miles and Phil Rogers believe Zambrano’s days as a Cub are over, Rick Sutcliffe says both sides need to move on, and an anonymous player is calling this a great opportunity.

The (First) Carlos Zambrano Bullets

A mini-recap of events, Mike Quade is incredibly angry, Aramis Ramirez thinks it was extreme, Marlon Byrd says Zambrano may be gone, Geovany Soto was “shocked,” and Zambrano’s agent is mum.