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Miguel Sano Just Hit the Ball Where No One Ever Has Before in Tampa Bay

Wild and Crazy

Last night, Giancarlo Stanton hit a ball about as far as a human – or whatever robotic monster species Stanton must be – possibly can.


But did he hit the ball all that high?

Hey, maybe it’s less impressive, but Twins slugger Miguel Sano just did something no one has ever done before, according to the Tampa Bay Rays: he hit the roof – not a catwalk, but the roof – of Tropicana Field:

Not gonna say it not gonna say it not gonna say it … RAISE THE ROOF!

… I’m sorry.

According to the Rays, the roof at Tropicana is 225 feet at its highest point, above second base. It hardly seems possible to hit a ball that high, but Sano pulled it off.

Of course, all he gets for his trouble is a pop out to third base, since Evan Longoria stayed with it and made the catch. Then again, given all the time he had, maybe that’s not very impressive.