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One Night After Enduring Racial Slurs at Fenway, Adam Jones Gets a Standing Ovation from the Boston Crowd


On Monday night, the Boston Red Sox hosted the Baltimore Orioles in the first of a four-game set. And although the Orioles eventually earned the win, we later found out that it wasn’t exactly the best night to be in Boston.

Here’s Brett Taylor (Bleacher Nation) with the broad strokes:

Adam Jones was subjected to racial taunts – including the use of the ‘n’ word – and had peanuts thrown at him at Fenway Park last night (USA Today). It was sufficiently bad that the Red Sox president issued an apology to Jones.

Yes. It’s an indescribable bummer to continue seeing this sort of behavior in the world today, but, unfortunately, it’s the world we live in right now.


Last night, the good people of Boston/the world tried their best to redeem and apologize to Jones when he made his first trip up to the plate:


That’s a standing ovation from the Boston faithful – including Mookie Betts in right field.


Does that repair the damage? No, of course not. Nothing can. But I was sure happy to see baseball fans speaking up and collectively stating that idiot does NOT represent us.

For what it’s worth, Jones appreciated the act:

Now let’s root for a world where ovations like this one are no longer necessary, and problems like this are the only thing Adam Jones worries about:



Michael Cerami

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