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Ladies and Gentleman, May I Present: The Infield Pop-Up Triple … Sorta


If you’re a little league coach, a parent, or someone who just wants baseball players to hustle out of the box, boy do I have the video for you.


Check out this Cardinals prospect, Randy Arozarena, getting all the way to third base on an infield pop-up that is is absolutely surrounded by Midland Rockhounds … but never caught by any of them.

Oh, and because each of the third baseman and shortstop were drawn in on the play, no one was covering third base, so Arozarena just kept on running:

Now that’s why you always hustle out of the box.

Of course, the play wasn’t actually scored as a triple, but it works just the same: Two batters later, Arozarena scored the game-tying run on his teammate’s double.


Considering that the Cardinals wound up winning by just one run, I’d say that was a pretty big play by Arozarena and a pretty bad one by the Rockhounds. I guess, sometimes, it’s easy to spot the difference between the Minor and Major Leagues …

Or maybe it’s not …



Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.

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