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Albert Pujols Has Grounded Into More Double Plays Than Anyone in Baseball History


I don’t really have anything against Albert Pujols as a person, but after years of watching him torment my beloved Chicago Cubs, I also have no sympathy for everything that follows.


In 2017, Albert Pujols was kinda-sorta the single worst player in baseball. There are legitimate arguments to be made against this, but his -2.0 WAR was the single worst mark in the game and indicates that he actually and actively made the Angels two wins worse than your run-of-the-mill, scrap-heap, Joe-nobody, replacement player.

And part of the reason he was so bad was that he grounded into a league “leading” 26 double plays. But the funny thing is, this isn’t some new development for Pujols. He’s always hit into a ridiculous number of double plays – including a personal best 29 GDPs during his final season with the Cardinals (2011).

Don’t believe me? Before we continue, please enjoy 10-straight minutes of Albert Pujols grounding into double plays:

But as I continued to dig deeper on this stat, I noticed something even BETTER (well, for all of us, that is). Pujols hasn’t just led the Majors in grounding into double plays a few times over his illustrious career, he’s the ALL-TIME LEADER in that category:


  1. Albert Pujols: 362
  2. Cal Ripken: 350
  3. Ivan Rodriguez: 337
  4. Hank Aaron: 328
  5. Carl Yastrzemski: 323
  6. Dave Winfield: 319
  7. Jim Rice: 315
  8. Eddie Murray: 315
  9. Julio Franco: 310
  10. Brooks Robinson: 298

Now, to be fair, that’s a top ten list including eight current members of the Hall-of-Fame, so, like, I get it: you have to be pretty damn good to play this long and rack up that sort of GDP totals, but still … LOL.

Albert Pujols has grounded into more double plays than any player in baseball history. And I’ll never forget that.


Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.