Three Quick Things to Look for Tonight as Bears Host Cowboys


When I learned I was getting the Bleacher Nation Bears job (rolls off the tongue), I told a few of my friends, one of whom is a Dallas fan. He’s a self-loathing Cowboys fan with a healthy sense of perspective, and as you can see in the picture, he wasn’t exactly thrilled with the state of the team. However, they’re actually 2-0 since our conversation, sitting at 7-5 overall and just a half-game back of Philadelphia for the NFC East lead. They finish the season by hosting the Eagles, who they’ve already defeated once; that means that as long as they’re within one game going into Week 17, a win would get them into the postseason. They’re a dangerous but flawed team, and in many ways they resemble the Bears. So here’s what I’ll be looking for as they play tonight:

Take the Over

  • Most lines I’ve seen have the over/under for this one at 48, and I would lean heavily toward the over. It might be brutally cold for the kickoff, with the current forecast projecting 19° with a windchill in the low single-digits. But precipitation shouldn’t be a factor, and the wind doesn’t look like it will be anything out of the ordinary for a Soldier Field game. That means neither offense should be affected that much, which is bad news for both defenses. Chicago and Dallas are 28th and 32nd, respectively, in yards allowed per game; in terms of points allowed, Dallas is 22nd while the Bears are 28th. When you combine those stats with their collective offensive firepower, it might be quite the shootout. (My having said all of this is the surest sign that the game will finish 9-7.)

Putting the Team on Their (Running) Back

  • Bears fans are very familiar with Matt Forte and all that he does for the offense; I’d argue he’s been one of the league’s more underrated players for a few seasons now. The Cowboys have their own underrated running back in DeMarco Murray, who has battled injury issues for most of his young career. He missed two games earlier this season, but he’s been very good both on the ground (three touchdowns on Thanksgiving) and as a receiving threat out of the backfield (he caught 5 passes for 39 yards in that same game.) Murray is a dynamic running threat, and the Bears have spent their season making less-talented running backs look like Hall of Famers, so DeMarco has to be eyeing a big night. Matt Forte looks to be in line for a solid evening as well; the Bears woes against the run have been well-documented (here and elsewhere) but the Cowboys are 26th in rushing yards allowed per-game. Considering the colder temperatures, potential for wind, and the respective defenses, I think it looks likely that both men go for over 100 yards rushing, with healthy receiving yardage on top of that. (Fantasy owners rejoice. Full disclosure: I own both Murray and Forte, but not coincidentally I’m on a playoff bye this week.)

Value the Ball

  • It’s not exactly an original football thought, but winning the turnover battle is always a key to victory, (Johnathan Wood of Water Cooler Sports analyzed the correlation this summer, with fascinating results) and I think that is even truer in this matchup. Neither defense has proven able to get conventional stops, which means that each possession will be crucial, as empty possessions by the offense become harder to make up. Making some plays on defense (or at least capitalizing on any Dallas mistakes) could allow the Bears offense to get one or two extra possessions. If that happens, I’d give the Bears a very good chance at winning. But the Bears offense cannot turn the ball over and expect their ravaged defense to save them; they’re simply too banged up to rely on, especially against a very talented offensive opponent. I think whoever receives those extra chances on offense is going to be in a very good position to win the game.

Those are my thoughts, feel free to share your own. I’ll be back with a Bears game thread post before kickoff (which is at 8:30 on ESPN, in case you didn’t know.)

Jay Rigdon is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation Bears, and can also be found @BearsBN on Twitter.

11 responses to “Three Quick Things to Look for Tonight as Bears Host Cowboys”

  1. someday...2015?

    A little late to the party here. 1st time commenter on this side of BN. Congrats Jay on getting the job! I’m definitely looking forward to some fun football hot stove madness this off-season. Should be a lot of great discussion with FA, Cutlers contract, the draft, and so on.

    My thoughts on this game tonight… I think the Bears may be a bit outmatched. First off, you got Demarco Murray who is a very solid RB. I see him going for 150+ and a couple of TDs against this banged up Bears D. With Tillman out, I see Dez Bryant having a huge day. Something along the lines of 8 catches, 150 yards and 2 TDs. Don’t get me wrong, I love Timmy Jennings but when you’re out sized there’s just not a lot you can do. I think the Bears offense can put up points but in the end I just don’t see it being enough. Especially with the return of the Cowboys best defensive player.(Lee) My prediction is the Romo-Coaster rides high and the Cowboys win 34-24. BEAR DOWN!

  2. JulioZuleta

    I think this is the least excited that I have been for a Bears’ Monday Nighter in years. Could have something to do with the fact that I’ll be at school studying for finals, but I think it’s because they are torturous to watch on defense.

    1. jh03

      I have a final at 6:00 tonight, so I’m going to be missing the first part of the game. I’m simultaneously okay and mad about that. I want to see the game.. But I don’t want to watch them blow it either.

  3. Adam

    Staying warm is my 4th big concern for tonight’s game.

    1. Funn Dave

      Well at least they’ll presumably be better off than Dallas in that department.

  4. Andrew

    Well, as long as Romo does what Romo usually does in December I don’t see how we can lose this one.