If I Get to 2,000 Followers, I’ll Bench Foles for Cutler in My Fantasy Championship


I play fantasy football. I’m sure a lot of you do the same. I’m in the ninth year of my league (I’m not a multiple-league guy; I have the Bears, and then my fantasy team. Anything more just causes too much conflict for me. But I don’t begrudge those who participate in more than one.) It’s made up entirely of friends, and now my younger brother. I’ve never won. Ever. I’ve finished second or third for the past three years. This year we switched to an auction draft, and I hit some home runs; I also took advantage of the new FAAB waiver bid system and made some of the shrewdest managerial moves of my fantasy career. (Nick Foles being the prime example; I’d opened the year with Eli, then hopped on a QB carousel until I landed Foles.) I rode my team to the #2 seed and the highest point total in the league.

The #1 seed? My brother.

In the semifinals last week, I almost broke the 200 point barrier. My brother also won handily, setting up a showdown that combines the chance to win the league I’ve always wanted to win by beating the person I’d probably most like to defeat. My starting QB (Foles) is running one of the best offenses in football, and he’s facing one of the (sad but true) worst defenses in the Bears. I had absolutely no reason to shake things up.

So I decided to give myself one.

The official Bleacher Nation Bears Twitter account (@BearsBN) just passed 1,500 followers. (Which is obviously amazing, and I can’t thank those of you who already follow me enough. I’m thrilled.) I run a Bears blog, for goodness sake. I should be willing to put my own, deep-rooted, vested, and intense fantasy football interests aside in favor of the Bears if my readers are willing to go along with me. So here’s the announcement:

If I get to 2,000 followers by 1 P.M. Sunday, I’ll bench Nick Foles in favor of Jay Cutler. This isn’t as radical of a move as I’d like it to be, of course. It’s not my fault that Cutler is a legitimate fantasy option. (It’s a good thing this isn’t a Giants, Jets, or Rams blog.) But Foles is a consensus top-3 QB heading into this weekend, and if not for this contest, I’d be sticking with him. But I’m willing to Bear Down and go with Jay Cutler in the most important game of my fantasy life, just to show my complete and total solidarity with my fellow Bears fans.

(I’ll also be starting Forte and Marshall. I bet heavily on the new offense, and I had Alshon to start the year as well. But injuries hit and I needed a running back and a tight end; I tried to sneak him through waivers to free up a roster spot for one weekend but my brother spent big and outbid me for him on the waiver wire, foiling my master plan. He then reaped the benefits. I want to win, and badly. But I will absolutely not be upset by a great game from Jeffery.)

So, to clarify, if I get to 2,000 followers by 1 P.M. Sunday, I’ll start Cutler. I’d originally said 3,000, but that was because I was shooting from the hip; the odds of me doubling my total seemed slim upon reflection. But I think 2,000 is reasonable. (If there’s a swell of support but I come up shy of my goal, there’s still a chance that I cave and start Jay anyway. But I think it’s possible to get there.) So follow me @BearsBN, share this, tell your friends, etc. (Or don’t, I guess; I certainly can’t force you.) I thought it would be a fun thing to try, and we’ll see what happens.

Thank you all so much for your support so far. It’s been a wonderful experience.

Jay Rigdon is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation Bears, and can also be found @BearsBN on Twitter.

24 responses to “If I Get to 2,000 Followers, I’ll Bench Foles for Cutler in My Fantasy Championship”

  1. jh03

    I lost a follower giving you a shoutout… haha.

    The clearly weren’t worth following me anyways!

  2. Ballgame

    Jay, honest (not that I’d be dishonest) question for ya….Because the Eagles give up 3rd most yards and the Bears offense is pretty stellar, do I start Cutler @ PHI or Brady @ BAL?? I know on the surface I should stick with Brady, but the Ravens D has been pretty damn good the past month. Cutler or Brady???

    1. mdavis

      not jay, but i’d honestly go with cutler. he’s been very productive when healthy, and brady has those rookie WR. always a mixed bag. just one man’s humble opinion.

  3. Urbanted

    Cutler over Brady, no question, unless there is severe weather in once place (see the Eagles/Lions game in week 14). And if you care to dig around and look at “expert” fantasy rankings heading into week 16, you’ll find that most agree.

  4. JB88

    I don’t think this is big of an upset as you might think it is Jay.

    Cutler should land you close to 25 points in a standard point league against the Eagles, even if they were healthy, but they have big issues in their secondary. It wouldn’t surprise me if Cutler scores better than Foles on Sunday night, even without this bet.

    (That said, I just followed you, so good luck.)

  5. Nathan

    I’m going to roll with Cutler and start him over Stafford. I’ve been fortunate the past few weeks winning even though Stafford put up some stinkers. I have Jeffery and Forte on my roster as well, and expect the offense to play really well. Roll with Cutler Jay!

  6. Ballgame

    Thanks guys, I agreed with all of you and wanted to make sure my biased opinion wasn’t swaying my thought process. In addition, I love having guys in Sunday/Monday night matchups cause you know what you need instead of hoping/praying against others scoring…

  7. DrReiCow

    If you extend this to facebook (like the Cub half), I will follow. I don’t do “the twitter.”


  8. Ballgame

    You should try twitter out. Even if you don’t post anything, it’s a great source for up to date info depending on who you follow. Facebook was deleted from my life over a year ago (right before I got married) because it served no true purpose to me. It was the best decision I could’ve made. Call me crazy, I bet Facebook becomes irrelevant within 5 years. Zuckerberg should sell now!

  9. beerhelps

    If I could, Jay, I would follow you twice, that’s just the type of guy I am.

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  11. Funn Dave

    A contest for more twitter followers? The ultimate in internet vanity.

    1. Brett

      Eh. I wouldn’t call it vanity so much as function – you wouldn’t get it, since you hate Twitter. πŸ™‚

      But, in our line of work, having more Twitter followers helps keep things moving along.

      1. Funn Dave

        Yes it is something of a necessary evil for bloggers.