Very Good Bat Dog Skips the Bat and Goes for the Baseball Instead

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Very Good Bat Dog Skips the Bat and Goes for the Baseball Instead

Baseball Is Fun

These days, it’s not entirely uncommon for baseball teams to have dogs in and around the clubhouse (because, why not?).

For example, do you remember the University of North Carolina baseball team’s therapy dog, Home-Run Remington?

He has his very own Instagram page:

Some dogs help out around the dugout and in the locker room like HR Remington there, while others, like Carlos Correa’s dog, have dreams of being on the field one day:

But while the Astros are still dreaming on his potential, the Yankees already have a dog working his way up the Minor League ladder. His name is Rookie, and he’s a very good boy.

And until recently, Rookie was the official bat-fetcher of the Double-A Trenton Thunder. But, if you can believe it (of course you can, you know how good of a boy he is, don’t you?), Rookie was just promoted to their Triple-A team (no, seriously). Unfortunately, I just don’t see a call-up to the Majors happening any time soon. You see, Rookie still has some stuff to work on in the Minors.

For example, watch as he runs right past the bat in his Triple-A debut, shirking his duties as bat-fetcher, to instead take a ball right out of the pitcher’s hand:

When asked later why he decided to skip the bat and his responsibilities, Rookie replied, “BALL BALL BALL BALL there’s a BALL when BALL I need to have BALL.”

To be fair, that’s an airtight response.

He’s still a good boy.

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami