The Entire Baltimore Orioles Grounds Crew ... Just Got Ejected?

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The Entire Baltimore Orioles Grounds Crew … Just Got Ejected?

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I have some some wild ejections in my day – remember when Joe West ejected a Nationals executive from up in a luxury box! – but I can certainly say I’ve never seen this before.

The Orioles grounds crew was out behind the tarp at Camden Yards, and apparently their presence was deemed unnecessary or disruptive by umpire Tim Timmons … because he kicked the whole lot of them out:

I’ve never seen a grounds crew thrown out of a game.”

I love the announcers simultaneously saying “oh no” when they realize who it was that got the boot. The ENTIRE crew got up and left. That’s gotta be a first, and then some.

Were they chirping? Throwing stuff? STEALING SIGNS?!? (It’s not that one.) Were they just no longer needed because there was no threat of bad weather?

The question is whether they were “ejected” or just, like, kicked off the field. And does it really matter? It’s way more fun if we think of it as the entire crew getting ejected. And then if it starts to pour, the fans will just have to come out of the stands and unspool the tarp themselves.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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