Alabama's Saban on Jackson, Cutler vs. Romo, House's Transition, Bears Admission, and Other Bullets

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Alabama’s Saban on Jackson, Cutler vs. Romo, House’s Transition, Bears Admission, and Other Bullets

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The Chicago Bears will be playing a regular season football game in exactly 18 weeks from today.

Dang, I thought that was gonna sound a lot closer …

  • As part of a series in which the Chicago Tribune picks the brains of the coaches who were in on developing the Bears’ draftees, Rich Campbell goes one-on-one with Alabama head coach Nick Saban in an attempt to get a better feel for what fourth-round safety Eddie Jackson is all about. Saban has a unique perspective on Jackson beyond being a head coach because he also coaches the team’s defensive backs, which he had done previously during college stops at West Virginia, Ohio State, Navy, Michigan State, and for the Houston Oilers of the NFL. Saban describes Jackson as a cover safety with top-end punt return skills. And while his tackling leaves something to be desired, Saban called Jackson “a good tackler” but could stand to be more physical.
  • If you missed it, we talked about how Jackson figures into the Bears’ mix in the near-term future, and how much they’ll need him to make an early impact.
  • With Mitch Trubisky in the fold, you can probably count the Bears out on any quarterback hunt. Still, it will be worth keeping an eye on how the top college quarterback prospects fare in 2017 leading into the 2018 NFL Draft. Draft analyst Chad Reuter has an early look at the highest-rated prospects who fit into various sub groups at this point in the offseason. I wonder what would happen at the off chance the Bears are in a spot to take an elite prospect like USC’s Sam Darnold, UCLA’s Josh Rosen, or Louisville’s Lamar Jackson. How would the Bears proceed if the team had a high pick? And what if Mitch Trubisky proved nothing? Or worse, what if he proved not to be capable at the position? The Bears don’t project to be a contender right now, so the front office could conceivably demand a king’s ransom from a team looking to trade up for a high pick to take a quarterback in 2018. That would be one way to recoup some of the picks GM Ryan Pace dealt in order to acquire Trubisky.
  • Around the NFL writer Kevin Patra breaks down the differences between Jay Cutler’s move to the media side of the NFL coin to what Tony Romo did earlier in the offseason. It’s interesting how two very different situations played out to similar results. It was a bit of a stunner when Romo announced his move to CBS because it seemed as if there was a market for him with competitive teams like the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans having an eye on a quarterback as a potential missing piece to a championship puzzle. On the other hand, Cutler’s market didn’t develop beyond brief rumors tying him to the New York Jets and quiet rumblings about a minor interest from the Texans. Quarterback injuries are inevitable, and FOX’s three-man booth is set up for Cutler to leave for a job if one comes up. However, that possibility seems unlikely after this offseason of disinterest in the former Bears signal caller.
  • How will the Bears’ number two pick turn out when compared with these ones:

  • Trubisky’s selection marks the third straight year a quarterback was taken second overall, with Carson Wentz going to the Eagles in 2016 and Marcus Mariota going to the Titans in 2015. In each of those drafts, however, a quarterback was also taken first overall (Jameis Winston and Jared Goff).
  • Canton, Ohio – home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame – is angling to get the 2020 NFL Draft.

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