Playoffs!? No Guarantees, But Mitch Trubisky Says It Can Happen

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Playoffs!? No Guarantees, But Mitch Trubisky Says It Can Happen

Chicago Bears

If there is one thing we know about Mitch Trubisky, it’s that he isn’t short on confidence.

Now, it’s one thing to be confident about your unresolved contract situation as the highest unsigned pick. But to be thinking playoffs in a season where you aren’t even projected to be a starter as a rookie takes a little bit of something extra. While speaking at Wheaton Warrenville South High School, Trubisky shared his optimism for the 2017 season when asked about the Bears’ chances.

Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times has the details:

“Yeah, I think we’re gonna make the playoffs,” said Trubisky, who, along with teammates Kevin White and Jordan Howard, represented Gatorade’s Beat the Heat program. “Obviously we know we have a lot of work to do. I don’t want anyone to construe it in a way that it’s a guarantee or anything. But I believe in myself, I believe in my teammates. I know we still have work to do. That’s what it is — I think.”

This won’t take much time to unpack. Trubisky has faith in himself and his teammates to string together enough wins for the Bears to make their first playoff appearance since 2010. A playoff appearance would be a lot of things for a team that hasn’t posted a winning record since 2012 and hasn’t finished at .500 since 2013.

Then again, I guess you can dream the biggest dreams when your team has the league’s fifth best offensive line entering the season, a Pro Bowl running back set on leading the league in rushing in his second season, a defense with top-10 potential featuring pass rushers hell bent on domination, and a revamped defensive secondary that wants to bring back the glory days.

Clearly, Trubisky knows there is much to do between now and the Bears’ next playoff appearance – especially if it’s going to happen this year. After all, the team’s starting quarterback – Mike Glennon – is learning a new offense that has six new receivers battling for playing time in training camp. The defense seems to be in a good place, but has several key players coming off injuries that put them on season-ending injured reserve last season. Trubisky himself still needs to learn proper footwork and mechanics to run a pro style offense.

Perhaps one of the things Trubisky still needs to learn is sending clear messages. Teammate Kevin White had his back in believing the team had playoff potential, but added the following caveat: “He’s gotta be clear with some things,” White said, following Trubisky’s statement of optimism. “People can take it the wrong way and run with it, and make it seem like he’s being cocky or something. … We all think (we’ll make the playoffs), of course. We just have to put some pieces together and do what we have to do so we can get there.”

Dream big dreams, kids. Because if you shoot for the moon and miss, you can always land among the stars.

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