Mitch Trubisky Praises John Fox and Coaches, But Admits Things Haven't Gone to Plan

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Mitch Trubisky Praises John Fox and Coaches, But Admits Things Haven’t Gone to Plan

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears aren’t a team known for surprises, so it definitely caught us off guard when quarterback Mitch Trubisky held court with the media on Monday at Halas Hall.

A candid quarterback spoke openly about his rookie season, which included praise for his head coach and the rest of the staff that’s aided in his development.

“They just allow me to be who I am as a person, as a player,” Trubisky said, via Andrew Seligman of the Associated Press. “They’ve been patient with me, allowed me to develop. And I think they just truly believe in me and what I can do for this football team moving forward.”

Trubisky outlined the highs and lows of being a rookie quarterback, talking about bumps in the road and what not. He also praised the team for sticking with him during the learning curve. To that end, Fox believes he has seen enough from Trubisky to know what’s coming down the line:

Whether Fox is part of that future remains to be seen, though each passing day brings us closer to the inevitable end.

Hopefully, Trubisky finds himself in a place where he is pleased in his own development. Trubisky believes he’s made progress, but is not quite where he wants to be.

“You could definitely see it in my footwork, when I’m drifting when I don’t need to or when my feet are calm and I’m moving through my progressions very smoothly,” Trubisky said in a moment of self-scouting via Chris Emma of CBS Chicago.

Despite some old, bad mechanical habits popping up and playing a role in a three-interception game, Fox believes Trubisky played arguably one of his best games on Saturday because of the growth shown by his rookie quarterback. In a sense, this shows growth from the Bears’ head coach, who if you’ll recall, benched Mike Glennon after four starts because he couldn’t limit interceptions.

Trubisky seems to have made a fan in Fox, a coach long known for dialing up strong defenses and playing it close-to-the-vest on offense. And in turn, Fox seems to have a fan in Trubisky, a self-proclaimed gunslinger just trying to find his place as a rookie. Ultimately, GM Ryan Pace will make a decision on Fox’s future – and will do so with his quarterback in mind.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.