Mitch Trubisky and Matt Nagy Share a Similar Mentality and Other Bullets

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Mitch Trubisky and Matt Nagy Share a Similar Mentality and Other Bullets

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Here’s a question I don’t have the answer to:

I’m excited about the orange jerseys. Part of that is because I am genuinely open to change, but also because I like the color orange. The Bears have made some bold changes on the field this offseason, so what’s one more in the uniform department?

  • Actually, I do have the answer to the question about the most anticipated non-roster move:

  • John Mullin of NBC Sports Chicago explores life beyond the hype to unearth worthwhile takeaways from what was a busy offseason. It can be difficult to sort through some of the nonsense, but one thing that’s easy to go back to is the difference between Matt Nagy and his predecessors. Specifically, when it comes to the coaching staff.
  • Even with the shine having been removed from the offseason hiring spree, there is a lot to like about this staff. Andy Reid lauded Nagy’s ability to build a staff in a recent interview with WSCR-AM 670, and that’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Neither John Fox nor Lovie Smith was able to build a competent offensive staff over the long haul. And Marc Trestman’s staff was loaded with CFL types with minimal NFL experience. Nagy’s offensive staff has loads of NFL experience. And the one guy who doesn’t have a ton of experience in the league is schooled in quarterback development, which is a priority with Mitch Trubisky entering Year 2.
  • Speaking of Trubisky, Matt Miller of Bleacher Report writes that the Bears’ second-year quarterback is one to watch … even if there is additional spotlight on Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. Miller notes that Trubisky is in a unique position compared to the other two 2017 first-round picks because he learned while watching Mike Glennon on the sidelines and by getting his feet wet and playing in 12 games. Tack on the extra boost that comes with a coaching change and you won’t be able to turn away from Trubisky for too long.
  • The coach-quarterback relationship is the most important in football, so the Nagy hire makes that much more sense when you consider the similarities between his train of thought and that of his quarterback. In addition to all the good stuff Trubisky touched upon when visiting the NFL Network’s Inside Minicamp LIVE crew last week, he also mentioned his head coach brings a gunslinger’s mentality to practice. He even throws passes from time to time. It was just last year when Trubisky referred to himself as a gunslinger, so I won’t be surprised if Nagy and Trubisky are operating on the same wavelength sooner, rather than later.
  • Randy Gurzi of Fansided’s NFL Spin Zone puts together a pre-training camp edition of NFL quarterback power rankings, and it’s not one that inspires much confidence if you’re a Trubisky backer. The Bears’ quarterback ranks 28th, with only Joe Flacco, Ryan Tannehill, Jacoby Brissett, and A.J. McCarron ranking behind him. Among the quarterbacks who Trubisky is currently behind but figures to lap this season are Josh McCown, Sam Bradford, and Blake Bortles. You’ll find Patrick Mahomes ranking as the best of the quarterbacks from the 2017 draft class, which is eye-opening to say the least.
  • Even though there has been (rightfully) a ton of focus on the changes that have happened on the offensive side of the ball, I like the angle Devante Tidwell of Da Bears Brothers takes regarding the upgrade in talent on Vic Fangio’s defense. Armed with a significant amount of continuity on the defensive side of the ball, Fangio is now working with what it takes to put together a defense that can constantly hang in the top-10. Of course, they’ll need to get the most out of some question marks at pass-rushing positions for it to reach its full potential.
  • In yesterday’s Bullets, we lauded Trubisky, Tarik Cohen, and Sam Acho for their efforts in the community. I’d like to further extend that out to the Bears as a franchise after reading about their contributions in the recently held “Save Da Planet” event. Keep up the good community work, folks. Good people doing good things (especially for others) often results in more positives down the line.


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