Chase Daniel Says Mitch Trubisky Is "Flushing Out the Old Offense" and Loves the New Stuff

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Chase Daniel Says Mitch Trubisky Is “Flushing Out the Old Offense” and Loves the New Stuff

Chicago Bears

Out with the old, in with the new has been a common theme of the Chicago Bears’ offseason. And in the eyes of backup quarterback Chase Daniel, the Mitch Trubisky reboot process is going well.

During a visit with the Dan McNeil and Danny Parkins on 670 The Score, Daniel explained that Trubisky is growing as he encounters what might be the biggest challenge in making the second-year leap.

“He’s got to flush the old offense and get the new offense. I think he loves it,” Daniel said. “You’re able to see him grow – even in the eight weeks – in the offense has been tremendous.”

You can check out the entire interview in its entirety here:

On the surface, you wouldn’t think unlearning the Bears’ offense would be much of a challenge. After all, it was described as basic and predictable by players who were running in it last season. But there is something to be said about Trubisky unlearning the unhelpful habits he might have picked up while learning on the job as a rookie. So while there were benefits to Trubisky getting his feet wet and getting a feel for the basics, there might have been some damage done to Trubisky’s development by having him play in a scheme that was a poor fit for the organization’s long-term goals.

This is where Daniel fits into the Bears’ system now and moving forward.

The quarterbacks room that was put together last season helped Trubisky ease into life as a professional quarterback. While he shared nothing but praise for what Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez brought to the table during his rookie season, things are a little bit different heading into Trubisky’s second season with a new crew of backups.

Daniel’s responsibilities will be different than those of Glennon and Sanchez. Not only will Daniel be tasked with preparing to play in a pinch, he will also have a role in preparing Trubisky on a weekly basis and getting him to understand the ins and outs of Matt Nagy’s offense that he picked up during his time in Kansas City.

I can’t imagine Trubisky mastering the offense in the span of just a few month’s worth of workouts, but it sounds like he is taking to learning the new system and getting rid of the junk files from the past. And that’s probably the most important sign that this has been a successful offseason for the Bears’ top quarterback.

Author: Luis Medina

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