LeBron James is the One Big Free Agent the Bears Didn't Get and Other Bullets

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LeBron James is the One Big Free Agent the Bears Didn’t Get and Other Bullets

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I’m as disappointed as you are that the Bears didn’t come away as winners in the LeBron James sweepstakes. And that’s a shame because I bet Matt Nagy would have found some creative ways to get a 6-8, 250-pound pass-catcher the ball. Best of luck to James on his newest challenge, leading a team called the Lakers despite their location next to an ocean.

  • Bears players certainly had their thoughts regarding James’ latest decision:

  • Noted Cavs fan (and Bears quarterback) Mitch Trubisky chimed in with a mature and diplomatic answer:

  • Trubisky isn’t a gambling man, but I am:

  • Kyle Long might have been more interested in the other big NBA signing, but I care a little bit more about his progress. And what do you know, here’s an update:

  • A return to full strength for Long would be the cherry on top of what has been a solid offseason. The Bears have been productive with player movement and haven’t had much (if any) off-the-field drama. For now, it’s full speed ahead to Bourbonnais with the hope that everyone who finished last season battling injuries can enter camp with a clean bill of health. If Long is healthy, that Bears offensive line is infinitely better than when he is on the sideline. And if that offensive line is better, then all of the skill position players are going to be better. It’s a big chain reaction that we can forget about at times. Let’s keep that in perspective moving forward.
  • One player who could be impacted by the offensive line play because of his role as a rusher and receiver is Taylor Gabriel. The Bears signed Gabriel to bolster their group of pass-catchers and is penciled in as the team’s Zebra receiver. In that role, he’ll do more than run routes and catch passes … he’ll also get his share of rush attempts on end arounds, jet sweeps, and reverses. Still, Matt Eurich of 247Sports attempts to temper the expectations for the new receiver in 2018. For all his talent, Gabriel has yet to find consistency at the NFL level and it’s something that has held him back in prior seasons. It’s why he’s already on his third team in five years.
  • We’ve already explained why, but here’s a reminder to not do it:

  • No surprise to see Tarik Cohen here:

  • Jordan Howard is going to need to find it as a receiver out of the backfield if his long-term future is going to be in Chicago. Johnathan Wood of Da Bears Blog dives into why Howard needs to step his game up as a pass-catcher and draws some comparisons from other players. If Howard can do so and  grow into the well-rounded running back who will thrive in the Bears’ offense for years to come. If not, then I’m not quite sure what the future will hold.
  • Three times a charm? Albert Breer reports the NFL will allow teams to wear their alternate uniforms three times per season. That means triple the fun for the Bears’ new orange alternates.


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