How Does Khalil Mack Think the Khalil Mack Trade Worked Out? "It's Pretty Obvious to Me"

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How Does Khalil Mack Think the Khalil Mack Trade Worked Out? “It’s Pretty Obvious to Me”

Chicago Bears

Khalil Mack’s return to the Bay Area was a storyline that flew under the radar leading up to the Bears’ Week 16 game against the 49ers, if only because the matchup wasn’t against the Raiders or in Oakland.

Still, the Bears’ trip to San Francisco (technically, Santa Clara, Calif., where Levi’s Stadium is located) allowed some area reporters catch up with a player they used to cover across the Bay. And when asked about how he felt the trade worked out, Mack’s response was on the nose.

“How do you think it worked out? I feel like it’s pretty obvious to me. But in the end, ultimately, you have the end goal to get to the big game. So that’s the only thing on my mind.”


You can check out more Mack comments regarding the current state of the Bears and some additional give-and-take with reporters who covered him during his tenure with the Raiders below:

In what is a testament to being a consummate professional, Mack hit all the right notes when discussing the trade with Bay Area reporters who covered him since he was drafted. Because while we already knew Mack was as skilled of a defender as you can get in the NFL, we didn’t necessarily know was how he would effortlessly handle questions about his departure from Oakland. As Mack pointed out in his nearly three-minute meeting with the media assembled near his locker, neither he nor the people who covered him had an opportunity to say goodbye and express thoughts and feelings regarding the move because it all happened so quickly. The folks out west saw Mack arrive on the scene as a rookie and grow into an All-Pro stud, but until yesterday, didn’t get that chance for face-to-face closure on the end of an era. They received it yesterday, though I’m sure Raiders fans still have a void knowing No. 52 is transforming a playoff-ready defense elsewhere.

In the end, Mack nailed it with his comments regarding the trade and how well it’s worked for him … but also with his thoughts on the brotherhood he left behind. No wonder Raiders players think so highly of him.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.