WATCH and DROOL: Khalil Mack's Technique is Magnificent

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WATCH and DROOL: Khalil Mack’s Technique is Magnificent

Chicago Bears

The trade that sent Khalil Mack to Chicago is already going down an all-timer. It changed the course of the 2018 season and could ultimately alter how things look moving forward.

Mack has lived up to the lofty expectations that came with being traded for two future first-round picks and the largest contract ever handed out to a defensive player. And that’s probably putting it lightly. Mack has been friggin’ awesome and is probably going to finish among the top-3 in NFL Defensive Player of the Year voting and could even get some down-ballot league MVP consideration.

So let’s take some time to appreciate a series of videos shared by Fran Duffy, a self-described All-22 junkie who dives into the film to show just how dang good Mack has been. Fasten your seat-belts, folks. We’re going on a ride.

Holy smokes! These videos are legitimately drool-worthy. Mack lines up on both sides of the line and impacts the game on multiple levels. He is a game-changer against the pass and run, wins with leverage inside and outside, dominates using power and finesse, is successful with his hands and feet. Mack is so good, guys who aren’t responsible for blocking him are aware of his presence, which sometimes leads them to lose one-on-one battles on their side of the fields. It’s absolutely nuts that one guy can have this type of impact on a game.

Almost makes you wonder if two first-round picks was too light of a price to pay.

Thanks again, Coach Gruden.

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Author: Luis Medina

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