The Sounds of a Season Ending Were Re-Visited on TODAY and Other Bullets

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The Sounds of a Season Ending Were Re-Visited on TODAY and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Yesterday, I learned that people are willing to pay up to (and in some cases, more than) $100 for slippers. I suppose you get what you pay for and there might be a good reason to own high-end slippers, but it’s probably not for me. But still … I find myself in the market for new slippers. Wish me luck.

  • Cody Parkey went on the TODAY show in what was billed as an exclusive interview on a national stage and didn’t really provide anything new. I apologize in advance if this clip opens up old wounds:

  • “Football is what I do. It’s not who I am.” That’s an admirable statement that I can vibe with, but it didn’t need a segment on a Friday morning TV talk show. Because while I understand the importance of facing the music and handling it well in the modern era of social media and what not, this PR push was simply unnecessary. Turning an excruciating moment in Bears franchise history into a victory lap for one player handling how to successfully handle failure doesn’t really sit right. NBC basically turned a painful loss in the team’s first playoff game since 2011 into a soft news feature with a manufactured happy ending. There was no context to why this was such a big deal (remember, he missed 10 FGs before that moment, no insight on the kick itself, what Parkey believes his future will be, or anything of substance. A show host named him the “MHP, Most Honorable Player.” That was a wholly unnecessary waste of time. Let’s move on.
  • I would have laughed harder if I wasn’t already annoyed:

  • How about Roquan Smith trying his hand at hockey work as a palate cleanser? Because I’m here for it:

  • Save for the times I’m tracking where the Blackhawks are projected to draft in 2019, I haven’t kept tabs on Chicago’s hockey team as closely as previous years. However, I do know the Hawks could use as much defensive help as they can get. Smith has some new-found free time on his hands and I can see him being a hard-hitter on the defensive end keeping forwards honest in front of the net. Can’t hurt, could help!
  • And to think, Smith could still find himself at the Pro Bowl later this month. Smith was one of seven Bears to be named Pro Bowl alternates. Meaning that if certain players bow out, then they’ll be there to step in and play the game. But if you were expecting to see Smith line up next to Khalil Mack one last time before the start of next season, I’m sorry that I have disappointing news for you. The Giants announced Olivier Vernon is filling in for Mack, who will take the offseason off to rest an injured ankle that nagged him throughout the year. Vernon had seven sacks in 11 games to earn his first Pro Bowl appearance. Congrats, guy.
  • By one metric, the Bears were a great value:

  • If once was good, then doing it again will be twice as nice:

  • Despite the ending, we had fun as fans for the first time in a long time. We’ll never be able to recreate those moments, but we can hope to build on what we had for better days ahead.
  • Heads up:

  • Hopefully the Bears will have a new DC whose unit we can discuss.
  • Even on his way out, Vic Fangio was looking like he was about to drop the hottest mixtape of the year:

  • I knew the Cubs should’ve hired him as bench coach! I just knew it:

  • An old friend is getting a job interview that could lead to a big promotion:

  • At least the Dolphins aren’t in a position to take Heisman Trophy winner until the 13th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Surely, he’ll be gone by then … right?

Author: Luis Medina

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