Yoga Enthusiast Khalil Mack Worked Out During the Super Bowl, Because Of Course He Did

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Yoga Enthusiast Khalil Mack Worked Out During the Super Bowl, Because Of Course He Did

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While you were chowing down on a mean food spread and drinking up all of the good stuff in the fridge on Super Bowl Sunday, Khalil Mack was putting in work.

It’s not a surprise to hear that Mack was working out on Super Bowl Sunday. Have you seen that guy play? I mean, how else can you explain the non-stop motor he shows on Sundays? Could you otherwise explain how he can get through blockers while being chipped and held from all angles? Good things happen to those who work hard and Mack is a testament to that old adage. No days off. No plays off.

HOWEVER, what might come as a surprise is Mack’s use of yoga to get his body in a good place.


During a recent photo shoot, Mack revealed he has been doing yoga since college. Mack believes it has been helpful in him gain flexibility, add explosiveness, and aid in injury prevention.

“People don’t really understand how flexibility relates to explosiveness,” Mack explained. “Ankles and knees and hips are all working together, and all of that comes from being balanced.”

Mind. Blown.

Mack also explained how bending and flexibility he has picked up through yoga shows itself on the field when he is bending the edge, turning the corner, and sacking a quarterback. Perhaps that could help explain how Mack sacked Aaron Rodgers with his butt during the Bears’ division-clinching win against the Packers last December.

And suddenly, I have a slight urge to start looking at yoga in an attempt to find balance. No, it won’t help me turn into an all-world pass-rusher. But I could use all the extra flexibility I can get.


Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.