All-Time Bears, Howard Feeling the Love in Philly, Sports Betting at Soldier Field, and Other Bullets

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All-Time Bears, Howard Feeling the Love in Philly, Sports Betting at Soldier Field, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

New street lights have been installed on my block in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood, and it’s going to take some time to get used to them. They’re much brighter than the lights they replaced, which is good because the neighborhood needed it. Better late than never, I suppose.

  • Ex-Bear Jordan Howard is feeling the love in Philly:

  • It’s a shame it didn’t work out with Howard and the Bears. When the Bears’ offense was stuck in the mud in 2016 and 2017, it was Howard who was tasked with getting it into gear and moving the chains. And rather than sulk or publicly complain about having to carry a heavy workload on a crummy offense, Howard took it in stride, put his head down, went to work, and gained chunks of yards. Players like that should be rewarded when things turn around, so it’s unfortunate it ended the way it did with Howard being traded to Philadelphia. Bears fans still wish the guy well … except when he plays the Bears, of course.
  • With the Bears100 Celebration coming up this weekend, this seems like a convenient time to reveal the all-time team:

  • How good is the Bears’ all-time best defense? Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher couldn’t crack the starting lineup. And hey, there’s no shame in that. Not when Dick Butkus is ahead of you on the depth chart.
  • Shout out to Peanut Tillman for making it on this prestigious team. Tillman is the only member of this group to have played in the 2000s, but he had an all-time impact on the Bears and on the overall game. The Peanut Punch has a legacy that will live on for a long time.
  • This slaps:

  • The obvious choices for the Bears’ all-time specialists are obvious and ridiculous:

  • As for the specialists, the most obvious choices of Devin Hester and Gale Sayers were ridiculously obvious. So much so, could you name a third option if you tried. Tarik Cohen is too new to the game to get serious consideration. Jerry Azumah had a good burst, but didn’t have the longevity. Robbie Gould was also a lock for the Bears’ all-time kicker, though his inclusion on the list adds more salt to the wound that is the Bears’ current kicking situation.
  • Having an all-time great punter is cool, though I’d prefer to not have to punt. But still … tip of the cap to Bobby Joe Green.
  • I’m digging the profiles that have accompanied the Tribune’s 100 best players list:

  • An interesting nugget from WSCR 670’s Joe Ostrowski on the recently passed bill that will bring legalized sports betting to Illinois:

  • Ostrowski wonders if the Bears will buy a sports-betting license, which would cost the franchise $10 million and allow for in-app wagering within a five-block radius of the stadium. There is a belief that the Cubs, White Sox, and Bulls will apply for such a license, but the Bears are a wild-card. The NFL has gone out of its way to not publicly back legalized sports betting, and I’m not sure how the McCaskey family will lean on this one. It’s something we’ll have to keep an eye on as the situation develops.
  • Unleash the beast who lines up across from Khalil Mack, please:

  • Here’s to Brett, Bryan, and Michael having as much fun with the baseball draft as I did with football:

  • The Bulls have a new assistant coach who specializes in defense, which could be beneficial for a team that ranked 25th in defensive efficiency last season:

Author: Luis Medina

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