All-Time Offense, Modern Monsters, Nagy Finds Pride in Mitch's New Skills, and Other Bullets

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All-Time Offense, Modern Monsters, Nagy Finds Pride in Mitch’s New Skills, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

I recorded a podcast yesterday and was asked about one thing I would change about myself. And while I’ll stick to my answer (no spoilers, you’ll hear what I have to say when the pod drops next week), I almost wish I would have answered differently.

You see, I’ve picked up a bad habit recently. It’s nothing that will get me in trouble, but it’s a bit embarrassing. Sometimes, I do this thing where I buy healthy foods (salad, fruits) with the intent on eating them because I want to eat better … but then I forget to do so. It results in me having salad and strawberries I need to toss from the fridge later this morning. I’m so ashamed.

  • This team would certainly put some points on the board:

  • That offense is loaded!
  • But at the same time, it’s telling how many old-school players there are. The Bears offense hasn’t evolved and adapted the same way the team’s defenses have over the years. That goes a long way toward explaining how Jay Cutler is statistically the greatest quarterback in franchise history, but also the most polarizing signal caller to ever lace ’em up for Chicago.
  • This isn’t a slight on any of the players on this list, but I hope there is some new blood if/when they do this list for Bears150. And here’s hoping 83-year-old me is alive to talk about it.
  • I’m glad Akiem Hicks made the top-100 list. Because even though he only has a few years worth of games under his belt with the Bears, he is a real monster:

  • Budget wisely:

  • I’ll take Khalil Mack ($4), Richard Dent ($2), and Gary Fencik ($2) to anchor my defense. Because with Mack and Dent rushing the passer, Fencik should have no problems snagging interceptions. Mitch Trubisky ($3), Mike Ditka ($2), and Tom Waddle ($1) get my offense started. It’s a roll of the dice to give Trubisky the keys to the show over Jim McMahon, but we all know how well Trubisky performs when targeting tight ends and receivers on quick passes, so I feel like my offense can hang in with those guys working the middle of the field Kevin Butler ($1) rounds out the squad to kick important field goals. Can your squad beat mine? I doubt it, but you can give it a shot.
  • There is no limit to what Run DMC can do, according to Mike “D” Davis:

  • Football is coming, so there is no better time to start stacking those good practices now and build on them in the days, weeks, and months ahead:

  • The Bears have set a deadline to find their next kicker:

  • Are we sure that the Bears aren’t better off going for the two-point conversion moving forward?
  • Oh, man. I can *TOTALLY* see it:

  • Coach Nagy seemed awfully proud of Mitch Trubisky’s chugging skills:

  • I know, I know. “bUt wHaT dO HiS pFf mEtRiCs sAy?”
  • It’s a celebration:

  • Gotta tip your cap to the Bears for this one:

  • In September 2018, the Khalil Mack trade changed the trajectory of the Bears’ franchise. But it also sparked a fandom to get behind a team that hadn’t given it much to cheer for in recent years. The Kimbrel signing for the Cubs gives fans a little extra juice in the mid-summer months in its own special way. I guess that’s my way of saying, “You’re up, BN Bulls.”
  • OK, this isn’t quite what I had in mind:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.