The Falcons Are Making Julio Jones the NFL's Highest Paid Receiver

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The Falcons Are Making Julio Jones the NFL’s Highest Paid Receiver

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Big-money contracts continue to flow down to the NFL’s best players.

Here is the latest:

Wait a minute. You can be the highest-paid player at your position and show up to play football? What a concept! Some of you should take notes.

The Atlanta Falcons have signed star wide receiver Julio Jones to a four-year extension that includes $66 million guaranteed. Not only does this deal make Jones the league’s highest-paid receiver, it features a whopping 97 percent due at signing. And as ESPN’s Adam Schefter notes, that shatters the previous top guarantee at signing for a non-quarterback.

If any receiver deserved this deal more than Jones, I certainly haven’t seen them play. Jones is a six-time Pro Bowler with two first-team All-Pro seasons under his belt. Jones has collected five consecutive seasons with at least 1,400 receiving yards, including two in which he led the league. Since the start of the 2014 season, Jones has averaged 104 catches and 1,598 yards per year — and has missed just three of a possible 80 games. Jones’ excellence and durability is being rewarded in a big way.

I always find myself looking at these major extensions through the lens of a Bears fan in search of how it could impact my favorite team. But the Bears don’t have a Julio Jones on their roster. HOWEVER, they do have Allen Robinson, who can become a free agent after next season. And while I don’t think Robinson will garner the kind of contract Jones received, he has plenty of time to build up his stock and show what he can do to earn his next multi-year deal.

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