Daniel Explains Why Mack Is Good, QB Prospect Watching, Source of Buster's Toughness, and Other Bears Bullets

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Daniel Explains Why Mack Is Good, QB Prospect Watching, Source of Buster’s Toughness, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’m headed to a Bears brunch watch party later this morning. And while I’m a fan of the Bears and Brunch, I remember I like later afternoon starts because things seem less condensed. Let’s just roll through Bullets because game-time is coming.

  • Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller squeezed in his 2020 NFL Draft first-quarter big board earlier in the week and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. The Bears are 3-1 and there isn’t much interest in tracking the draft while the Bears are so close to snagging a full share of first place. But on the other hand, it is always good to keep your eyes on the future. With that being said, the most notable nugget to come from this installment of Miller’s big board is that there are five quarterbacks among his top 32 overall players.
  • Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama), Joe Burrow (LSU), Justin Herbert (Oregon), Jake Fromm (Georgia), and Jacob Eason (Washington) are the college signal callers who have stood out to Miller at this point. And even though I did not want to use Miller’s piece as a jumping-off point to talk about the future of the Bears’ quarterback position, the time will come when we need to talk about it. Between Trubisky ‘s slow start, missing time in each of the last two seasons because of injuries, and the crossroads Chicago could come across with possibly two more years on that rookie deal, that time could come sooner, rather than later. To be clear, this isn’t the time to go on a deep dive. HOWEVER, it is about that time to keep college football’s best on our radars every Saturday.
  • Alright, we’re onto London:


  • Bears fans are rolling deep overseas:

  • thoughts about bears fans traveling
  • This isn’t Buster Skrine’s first rodeo across the pond:

  • Buster Skrine has been a pleasant surprise to this point. His coverage skills have been solid, but it has been his physicality that has stood out most to me. In addition to being a solid tackler, Skrine has been effective as a blitzer. And even though I don’t know how much being a state wrestling champion helps with tackling and aggressive nature, part of me thinks it has some value. To the kids at home reading this, play as many sports as you can because you can always take something from one and apply it elsewhere.
  • Khalil Mack is good at defense:


  • Chase Daniel’s explanation as to why the Bears won the Mack trade is also good:


  • Yeah, Mack is a ridiculously good football player. But if you think about all the things that go into making Mack a good ballplayer and the stuff teams have to do in order to simply slow him down speaks volumes about what he brings to the table.
  • Because I like worrying about things from time-to-time, let’s just say the last thing I needed to see when I woke up this money was heavy public money being thrown in the Bears’ direction ahead of their Sunday matchup against the Raiders:

  • Fading the public is a wagering strategy that can be successful when deployed properly. The Bears were already going to be favorites going into this one. But 93 percent of bets going in the Bears’ direction is a red flag. People love the Bears (and with good reason), but that is a lot of love for a team starting its backup quarterback on a neutral field against a team that just won a road game.
  • Anyway, I’m here for the hype videos:


  • Nothing like some pre-game hype to get me back in the swing of things.
  • This is a solid piece of art work:

  • Stefon Diggs is a little lighter in the pocket book region today:

  • I’ll need to clear out some time in my schedule to read this later:

  • This might be the best thing the Bulls have done in the last 20 years:

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