Roster Shuffling, Comp Pick Projecting, Stafford's Streak Ending, and Other Bears Bullets

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Roster Shuffling, Comp Pick Projecting, Stafford’s Streak Ending, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I had a wonderful time in Missouri at Friendsgiving. My home-made margarita slush and chocolate chip cheesecake brownies were a hit. But more importantly, it was nice to spend some time with friends I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with these days.

  • The news of the day is that Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is expected to be out for today’s game against the Bears. Stafford’s absence will end an impressive streak of 136 consecutive starts. Jeff Driskel gets the nod, and I hope the Bears can take advantage and win a game against a short-handed opponent for a change. If it doesn’t happen, there are going to be some difficult questions to answer after the game.
  • A message from Mrs. Stafford puts it all in perspective:

  • Stafford’s status has swung the betting lines in Vegas. What was once a spread of 2.5 points now has the Bears as being favored by 6.5 points. The Lions are huge underdogs here, where a $100 bet would pay out $340.
  • Another ICYMI: The Bears cut running back Mike Davis, which puts them in a far better position to snag a compensatory pick in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft. But before we get into the long-term impact of the move, a word from Davis:

  • It is a shame things didn’t work out in Chicago. Davis has a skill set that could have been useful to the Bears, but simply wasn’t used often enough to showcase his game. There is a good chance Davis helps a team down the stretch. For his sake, I hope it is on a contender.
  • Some roster moves:

  • Good to see Ryan Nall get a shot. The second-year undrafted free agent running back has been a fan favorite who has been biding his time on the practice squad. He has some experience as a fullback, so I’ll be curious to see if the Bears line him up in the “I” formation on Sunday.
  • An updated look at the Bears’ draft situation:

  • OOF! The Bears are going to have to make some hay in the later rounds.
  • My gut tells me that using the second of the team’s two second-round picks to move around in the draft, pick up some picks along the way, and build in bulk feels like a mindful strategy. But it’s probably a bit too early to think about how the 2020 NFL Draft long game will play out.
  • Let’s note that it isn’t 100 percent certain that the Bears will get this pick, but the compensation formula strongly hints that they will. If it happens, the pick will be welcomed with open arms. A team like the Bears that doesn’t have picks in the first or third rounds could use all the capital it can get its hands on.
  • Sorry, I don’t think LSU’s Joe Burrow (31/39, 393 yards, 3 TD in a win at Alabama) will be available in the second round of the draft. But here are some highlights:

  • One day after being put onto Wake Forest QB Jamie Newman as a “best-kept secret” among prospects, his team lost 36-17 against Virginia Tech. Newman didn’t look great, going 16/35 for 238 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT and an ESPN QBR of 29.0 (that’s not great). At least there are other prospects who are intriguing.
  • This is a look:

  • This is the quarterback the Bears will be facing on Sunday:

  • This isn’t a must-win. This is a “if you don’t win this game, so help me…”
  • Here is an interesting concept for alternative viewing:

  • Khalil Mack thinks the Bears’ hard work is going to yield some positive results soon:

  • This year’s Antonio Brown saga appears to have come to an end:

Author: Luis Medina

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