Mack Still Great, Roquan Getting Hot, Pace's Picks Trending Up, and Other Bears Bullets

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Mack Still Great, Roquan Getting Hot, Pace’s Picks Trending Up, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Every year it happens. I take crap for rostering two kickers in fantasy football. My theory is that I draft two kickers — one I’ll keep all year and one who will fill in on the bye week of the kicker I like. But for the first time ever, I did not follow that theory because I caved into peer pressure. So you can guess who lost (in part) because the kicker he dropped was picked up by his opponent and outscored the kicker he picked up as a bye-week replacement.

TL; DR? I’m never listening to you people again.

  • I was looking forward to using my Bears-less Sunday to watch the marquee matchup between the Ravens and 49ers, but the NFL’s coverage map put on Packers-Giants in the Chicagoland area because of reasons I don’t even want to think about trying to explain. All I know is that I’m mildly annoyed that I have to watch Daniel Jones on my TV when I could easily be watching Lamar Jackson and Jimmy Garappolo do work.
  • The Bears need a lot of help to really claw back into this playoff picture. We discuss this week’s scenarios here. And if you were willing to put some money on it, you could profit greatly if every bounce went your way:

  • Despite the constant double teams and an extended slump, look who the second highest-graded edge defender is over at Pro Football Focus:

  • Shifting inside, Roquan Smith is getting work done:

  • Elsewhere on the PFF grading scale, Thursday’s performance is probably what GM Ryan Pace envisioned after the last three drafts:

  • Javon Wims earned some extra playing time with his play last week, and I have to imagine that this #toedragswag helped his cause:

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  • Lane Johnson is one of the best offensive tackles in football, so this is an extension that is well-deserved. But also, it puts into perspective how much the Bears are paying their tackles. If you were to combine the total guarantees of Charles Leno Jr. ($18 million) and Bobby Massie ($15.8 million), it would still fall well short of what Lane Johnson is getting. That makes those two deals value contracts in the grand scheme of things, but they would be looked upon in better light if either was playing as well as they were last season.
  • The wildest story I have seen in a hot minute:

  • I don’t think the Bears are going to be bad enough to take Trevor Lawrence when he is draft eligible in 2021, but that isn’t going to stop me from enjoying him sling it at the college level:

  • If I don’t ever have to watch kickers ever again, then I’d be OK:

  • It’s wild if you *REALLY* think of it this way:

  • Mitch Trubisky’s alma mater is going bowling:

  • A leftover nugget from Thanksgiving:

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